The black boy

Nurse (nurse) is a person younger medical staff without special medical training, working in medical-preventive and sanitary-epidemiological institutions. In hospitals instead of the name "nurse" or sometimes "the nanny", "nurse". The responsibility of the nurse is ventilation and cleaning of houses, offices, toilets, corridors and other rooms; supply, cleaning and washing slip vessels and urine bags; preparation and submission of the nurse warmers, enemas; change of bed and underwear, shifting patients, transportation and carrying them, washing, bathing; in psychoneurological hospitals - supervision of patients; execution of orders of nurses related to sanitary-hygienic service of patients. Nurses in the epidemiological stations, apart from cleaning and washing glassware, provides assistance in disinfection and sanitation, as well as during the evacuation of the sick.
The black boy on working time in all health care settings is provided with special clothing, Bathrobe, solitaire (cap), Slippers, etc., a nurse is on duty on a schedule determined nurse. To facilitate the work of the nurse used the so-called small-scale mechanization: installation for cleaning, sterilization, drying pharmacy, laboratory and table utensils, nursery pots, boats, spittoons; lifts for diving and maintain patients in the bath and so on
To increase the production skills of nurses administration and trade Union organization of medical and sanitary-epidemiological institutions are conducted according to a special program classes on medical and sanitary minimum.
In the resolution of the CPSU Central Committee and USSR Council of Ministers № 517 5/VII 1968 accepted the proposal of the Ministry of health of the USSR and the Central Committee of trade Union of medical workers about the change in hospitals, genus. homes, dispensaries and other medical institutions of health care, regardless of their affiliation, title of the post "nurse" ("nanny") in the name of a registered nurse nursing" after some training (see medical Sister).
The black boy military - face enlisted ranks of the military medical service, received special military medical training in the educational division. Military medics are in the States of medical departments of military units and military medical institutions. In the military units when necessary using so-called combat medics allocated from among the soldiers. Military medics military units carry out the search, collection, removal and transportation of victims from the field (from the centers of mass lesions), provide first medical aid, accompany evacuated on transport. Under the leadership of skinstructure and paramedics military nurses perform elementary sanitary-hygienic and anti-epidemic measures: observe cleanliness in the location of the military unit for compliance with the requirements of personal and collective hygiene, report to the medical or medical assistant battalion of patients, etc.
In health centers and military medical institutions, military nurses produce discharge of sanitary transport and carrying of affected patients and help medical personnel in providing medical care, when performing treatment and care including treatment, maintain cleanliness and order in the functional units that perform the various responsibilities for service institutions, including bear its protection and, if necessary, and defense. Combat medic, except weapons and equipment due to the soldier, has a special property - medical bag (see), stretcher strap, shoulder sleeve insignia red cross; he must skilfully use a special, as well as various improvised and improvised means for rendering first medical aid, carrying out and evacuate the affected and the sick.