Sanitary - quarantine facilities

Sanitary - quarantine facilities - special institutions or departments of sanitary-epidemiological stationslocated in the open for the movement across the border airports, road routes, ports (sea) and border railway stations. Sanitary - quarantine items organize and carry out measures on prevention of penetration into the country of quarantine and other infectious diseases.
In its activity the sanitary - quarantine facilities are governed by the "Rules on sanitary protection of territory of the USSR from import and spread of quarantine and other infectious diseases", and also the plan of work of the sanitary-epidemiological Department. The staff of the sanitary - quarantine stations participates in acceptance and departure of each arriving from abroad / departing abroad transport; produces sanitary inspection and survey of the members of the crew, if necessary, physical examination , and sanitary inspection of the baggage and cargo; sanitary checks the documents of the passengers and crew members; prohibits departure of the Soviet transport or departure of passengers and crew members to resolve sanitary and epidemiological violations; supervises conducting of disinfection, disinsection and deratization activities; makes officials and citizens sanitary-epidemiological requirements, obligatory for execution; conducts specially instructed crewmembers, customs officials and other employees, relating to the carriage of passengers and engaged in international voyages; provide timely notice of the parties, which established the medical monitoring, and organizes first aid to the passengers and crew members, as the international lines. If necessary, conducts the isolation of patients especially dangerous infections, as well as those who were with them in contact. Cm. also Sanitary protection of the territory.