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Health education

  • Health education in the army
  • Health education is one of the sections of the preventive activity of bodies and institutions of the Soviet health care with hygiene training and education of the population, and promotion of medical knowledge in order to maintain health, high working capacity and increasing life expectancy. According to the basic laws of the USSR and Union republics on healthcare Authorities and institutions of health, together with the bodies and institutions of science, culture and education with the active participation of red cross and red Crescent societies and other public organizations designed to ensure the promotion of scientific medical and hygienic knowledge among the population".
    Sanprosvet work is professional and public duty of all health workers. According to the order of the Minister of health of the USSR dated 19/V 1964, every doctor and average health worker monthly obliged to allocate 4 hours of their time for sanprosvet work.
    The organizers of health education are the health authorities; scientific centre for health education is the Central institution of health education. As the specialized agencies in all regional centers, large cities and many district centres have the house of sanitary education - organizational - methodical centers for health education on their specific territories.
    House of sanitary education develops plans sanprosvet work, coordinates the plans of medical and other institutions and organizations of the oblast, city, district health education, taking into account and reflect in its work the most important tasks and activities of health. Planning sanprosvet activities is conducted in accordance with the interests of public health and local tasks of the health authority, the sanitary and epidemiological situation, the structure of morbidity and health status of individual objects. House of sanitary education seminars for health workers, organizes lectures, supplies lecturers visual AIDS, etc., In organizing and conducting sanprosvet work involves all medical and sanitary-epidemiological institutions: hospitals, polyclinics, sanitary station, dispensaries, consultations, etc. Take part in it also clubs, palaces of culture, libraries, red corners at enterprises, in institutions, at administrators. Large participation in health education takes the society "Knowledge", it organizes lectures and publishes the literature sanprosvet nature. Soviet Society of the red cross and red Crescent societies (see Red Cross, Red Crescent) are widespread promotion of sanitary and medical knowledge among millions of the masses member societies. Take part in the promotion of knowledge on sanitation and hygiene trade unions, organisations of physical culture and sports.
    For coordination and public management health education at the health Ministry of the USSR established the all-Union Council of health education, including representatives Soviet, trade unions and other public organizations.
    The most important place in health education is propaganda information on the prevention of diseases, primarily infectious and professional. Great attention when conducting health education given to the prevention of cardiovascular, oncological diseases and tuberculosis, skin and venereal, and in some areas of helminthic disease, trachoma and other Such propaganda are all health facilities, especially sanitary station and all the dispensaries - TB, STI, Oncology, medical and physical training and other Exceptional attention in health education given to the protection of motherhood and childhood. Sanprosvet work on health protection of mother and child is in the antenatal clinic during pregnancy (conversations on prevention of diseases, pregnancy, hygiene, nutrition, recreation, lectures in the school of mothers). In the postpartum unit maternity hospital also held talks and lectures about the care of newborns. Under the patronagecarried out by the sister of the child health clinic, are necessary conversations with his mother and relatives; sanprosvet the work continues and the preventive methods of mothers with children in children's polyclinic (room "healthy child" and others). Doctors working in the medical unit and the health centres, conducted work on the selection of workers, technicians and other workers in enterprises with necessary information on health, injury prevention, occupational diseases , etc., In this work, in particular on the promotion of safetysignificant assistance and health workers have trade Union organizations.