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Sanitary supervision

Sanitary supervision (the state sanitary control) function sanitary-epidemiological service, which enables to observe the implementation of sanitary-hygienic and sanitary-epidemiological norms and rules. The Council of Ministers of the USSR of October 29, 1963 On the state sanitary supervision in the USSR" on the sanitary and epidemiological service of the Ministry of health of the USSR and of the ministries of health of the Union republics assigned state sanitary supervision over the observance of ministries, state committees, departments, enterprises, organizations, institutions and citizens hygienic standards, sanitary-hygienic and sanitary-anti-epidemic regulations.
The main task of public health surveillance is the monitoring of activities aimed at the elimination and prevention of infectious, parasitic and occupational diseases, as well as of environmental pollution (water bodies, soils, atmospheric air of harmful industrial emissions and household waste, the improvement of working conditions, training and life of the population.
In the system of sanitary-epidemiological service is the Main sanitary epidemiological Department of the USSR Ministry of health, sanitary epidemiological control Republican sanitary and epidemiological station of the health ministries of the republics, sanitary-epidemiological station of territories, regions, districts, cities and districts, pools, ports and line sections on water transport. The service is headed by the Chief state sanitary doctor of the USSR Deputy Minister of health of the USSR, in the republics of - the main state sanitary doctor of the relevant administrative territory the Deputy - Minister of health of the Republic or Deputy heads of health departments. Chief state sanitary doctors simultaneously head the respective sanitary-epidemiological station (see). The medical services of the Ministry of Railways, Ministry of civil aviation, state security Committee under the Council of Ministers of the USSR, Ministry of internal Affairs of the USSR and the Ministry of defense of the USSR carry out sanitary inspection on the facilities of the respective submission.
State sanitary supervision is carried out in the form of a warning and ongoing supervision.
Preventive sanitary supervision to a preliminary hygienic assessment of issues related to the implementation of hygienic norms and rules - when approving the design standards, state standards and technical conditions, the introduction of new substances and articles in the national economy; in the process of designing, construction and reconstruction of enterprises, individual buildings and whole settlements; the introduction of new technological schemes of production, evaluation of the working tool for serial production, and so on
Current surveillance provides regularly scheduled control over compliance with hygienic standards, sanitary-hygienic and sanitary-epidemiological rules, i.e., installed sanitary-antiepidemic regime in the process of operation of enterprises, institutions, structures of different designation, control over sanitary condition of populated areas, working conditions, welfare and education of the population.
The fundamentals of the legislation of the USSR and Union republics on health care for the sanitary-epidemiological service of the USSR Ministry of health establishes the right to assert and hygienic norms and rules, and to set the procedure for state sanitary supervision. All draft standards and technical conditions for food products, new kinds of raw materials, industrial and construction products, containers and packaging materials, polymeric and synthetic materials are approved only after coordination with the Ministry of health or the Ministry of health of the Union Republic.