Sanitary inspection

Sanitary inspection specially equipped or adapted premises intended for sanitary treatment of people with concurrent disinfection and disinfestation of clothing and footwear.

sanitary inspection
Sanitary inspection: 1 - entrance for washable; 2 and 17 - tambours; 3 - changing room; 4 - a lavatory in the cloakroom; 5 - Barber; 6 - shower; 7 - odevalla; 8-a lavatory at odevala; 9 - a window for putting things in disinfection; 10 - a room for receiving things in disinfection; 11 - disinfection (pest) cameras; 12 - room for disinfected things; 13-the Department to issue disinfected things;14 and 15-office moves; 16 - office; 18 - the output.

Planning and organization of sanitary inspection is a bath bandwidth type of disinfection chambers. The main areas of sanitary inspection are changing room with hairdresser, shower, odevalla, disinfection unit (Fig). Work on carrying system provides for the movement washable through walk-in idealny in parallel with their obezzarazhivageli clothing, footwear and personal things coming out of the dressing room after the disinfection Department in idealny, and eliminates the possibility of human infection in the sanitary inspection.
The staff of the sanitary inspection should monitor the observance of sanitary-antiepidemic regime. After each change washable in the changing room is cleaned and disinfected. After work cleaned and disinfected all premises sanitary inspection, staff clean in the shower, change underwear and puts disinfected clothes.
In the field sanitary inspection is deployed in tents. Adhere to the principles of carrying system provides the required number of premises. For washing and disinfection (disinfestation) service is used by installation type DDA (see Disinfection chambers).
Stationary sanitary throughput capacity at ports and major railway stations have the carrying capacity from 50 to 400 people per hour, in field conditions using a single installation DDA - from 32 to 96 people per hour.
Sanitary throughput capacity are also used for special treatment (see). Cm. also Sanitary treatment.