Sarcoma is a malignant tumor that consists of immature connective tissue; is on the cut pinkish-white color, resembling fish meat. Sarcoma inherent traits and cancer: infiltrating increase with the destruction of adjacent tissues, relapses after removal, early metastasis with the spread them in the light (with sarcomas of the extremities, head, neck, torso) and liver (in sarcoma of the abdominal cavity). The cancer has spread mainly through blood stream (50% can be detected in the lymph nodes). Sarcoma at a rapid current izyaslau, causing repeated bleeding, accompanied cachexia. Sarcoma make up less than 10% of all malignant tumors, often targets children and young people, rarely older than 40-50 years. Sarcoma may develop anywhere on the body.


The following types of sarcomas: round-cell, polymorphonuclear, vereceklerini and fibrosarcoma (the latter are characterized by a slower growth rate); in addition, there are still mixa-, liposarcoma. Myosarcoma called malignant fibroids - rhabdomyosarcoma of striated muscle and leiomyosarcoma of smooth muscle fibers. The sarcoma also include tumors of the blood vessels (angiosarcoma), malignant synovyamiarising from synovial membrane joint, tendon sheaths and fascias, chondroectodermal, lymphosarcoma, retikulosarkoma (see).
All types of sarcomas have different degree of malignancy. Earlier diagnosis sarcoma contributes Cytology Pankratov tumors, bone sarcomas - x-ray examination. At the slightest suspicion on a sarcoma patients urgently need to be focused in Oncology institution or hospital. Treatment of sarcoma - surgical or combined, remote results of his unstable. The prognosis is unfavorable. Sarcoma of the various bodies - see articles about individual bodies.

fibrosarcoma soft tissues of the shoulder
Fig. 4. Fibrosarcoma soft tissues of the shoulder with ulceration and growth in muscle.