Scanners (synonym: gamma surveyors, scintigraphy) - equipment for production of stroke or photographic images of internal organs or tissues, accumulating radioactive drugs, entered into an organism with diagnostic purposes (see Scanning).
Scanners have a moveable sensor that consists of a scintillation counter in the lead protective casing (see the Counters, nuclear radiation), and collimators - devices providing restriction of gamma radiation coming from the examined organ. Gamma raysrecorded by the sensor are converted into an electrical signal that comes to the Registrar. Under the influence of an electric pulse Registrar strikes paper photocopy or typed tape, paper obtained a mark in the form of points or stroke. Motion sensor over the analyzed body produces a picture him in the form of bar code scans. In the USSR the use of gamma-topographer GT-2 and Hungarian "Scentier-Numeric". In the GT-2 the Registrar hits ribbon different color, making it turns two-tone dashed registration, when the image of the body with the maximum radioactive contents of drugs cross-hatched in red, and the image with minimal content of radioactive drugs-blue touches. In "Scentier-Numeric" the image is not strokes, and figures of various colors.