Mystery phenomenal counters

Finally, another phenomenon - the phenomenal gift of counters. Michael Cooney, mentioned above, has shown such ability. Has he found them, he said, casually. Met on the train. Fell on the floor box of matches. He looked down and instantly said, how many of them were scattered. Thought - matched. Looked out the window and just instantly said, how many on the field grazing cows; they also had a few dozen. Then he began to produce in the mind of complex arithmetic operations over multivalued numbers. On stage one branch of his performances usually focused phenomenal account, the other is ideometric (experiments of the "transfer of ideas", which was mentioned). Such phenomenal counters appear and in other countries, although very rarely. As a rule, they do not know, so their brain produces the desired results. The study phenomenal counters engaged in serious institution - led N. P. Bechtereva Institute of experimental medicine in Leningrad. Apparently, this phenomenon is not necessary to refer to the illusionism. Today it still remains a mystery.