Slowly flowing schizophrenia

Slowly flowing schizophrenia on peculiarities of symptoms reminiscent of neuroses and psychopathy (see). The development of the disease usually begins in adolescence, subtle and gradual. In the initial period is often noted asthenia, accompanied easily arise during mental stress disorders of thinking, while physical exhaustion insignificant or even absent. Against this background, there are a variety of mental disorders, a feature of which is their low variability for many years.
Compulsive phenomena (see the Obsessions) often occur in the form of monacemta, for example hypochondriac phobias, and rare multiple obsessions. Very early to the obsessions join rituals. Slowly flowing with schizophrenia ipohondricescie-senestopaticalkie violations is the development of persistent and repetitive discomfort, disorders, reminiscent of vegetative crises, followed by complaints of weakness, impotence, lethargy. Patients often believe they have some physical illness that causes them with unusual tenacity to visit various experts and do numerous studies (see Hypochondriac syndrome). The desire to treatment and examination combined with suspicion and mistrust of the medical staff.
Slowly flowing schizophrenia with hysterical disorders occurs mostly in women. All hysterical symptoms - hysterical fantasy, puerilis, elements of pseudodementia, pripadne status, and so on - are monotony, devoid of neurotics and psychopaths living affective support and, as a rule, represent an isolated disorder.
These disorders are subject to periodic reinforcement. Often these are deteriorating neurozo - and psychotropically disorders combined with emerging affective, most commonly depression. The peculiarity of the latest is that patients complain when they are not melancholy or depression and impotence, the inability to make myself something to do, and irritation and discontent both themselves and others.
Many years after the onset of illness to neurosis and psychopathic disorders join malozatratnye something transient, it is sufficient permanent crazy ideas in the form of a General alertness, ideas, relationships, sometimes ideas of persecution.
Personality changes when flowing sluggishly schizophrenia grow slowly and are gradually increasing withdrawal, reduction or loss of the ability to empathize with simultaneous increase vulnerability and defensiveness, a decrease in mental productivity and adaptability to the requirements set out in the life.