Periodic schizophrenia

Periodic schizophrenia (recurrent) occurs in the form of attacks, changing the remission is the complete disappearance of mental disorders. The attacks are defined in a variety of disorders. At the same patient may experience similar clinical picture of psychosis (type "cliches"), but more often the picture of the disease varies from attack to attack. The number of attacks can range from one to many tens of duration - from days and weeks to many months and even years.
The attack usually starts with affective disorders (see Affective syndromes). Low mood can only be lonely, but more common anxiety, resentment, moodiness, complaints of weakness and impotence. Hypomanic state accompanied by the enthusiasm and affection. The intensity of the affective disorders is subject to considerable fluctuations. Opposite affective state easily replace each other. At the same time, especially with the prevalence of depressive disorders, worsening sleep and appetite, appear constipation, an unpleasant feelings in the heart area, paresthesias. Often patients lose weight.
The deepening of the disease is rapidly increasing anxiety, fear comes in, acute sensual delirium, false recognition (see Hallucinatory syndromes). Increasing excitation first is enthusiastically-pathetic character, and later, can be replaced by excitation with impulsiveness. Common confusion.
In subsequent crazy and delusional disorder is increasingly becoming a fantastic content. Fantastic the meaning receive the memories of the past, many of the former knowledge, what is happening around. Initiation is increasingly replaced by state retardation and, finally, at the height of the attack develops stupor, followed oneyroidno the numbness. This condition is called oneyroidno by catatonia.
A recurrent attack of schizophrenia can stop at any stage of its development. In some cases the disease is limited only by the appearance of affective disorders; in others, the development up to the stage of oneiroid. Between these two stages there are a large number of intermediate States. In remission in periodic schizophrenia from mental disorders are often preserved light depressive and hypomanic state.
Personality changes with periodic schizophrenia occur after the patient has undergone several attacks, and are expressed in a reduction of mental activity, the narrowing of the range of interests, limited to home and work, the appearance of isolation, increased vulnerability of podchinyalas close. As a rule, you still feel his painful of perversity.