Boarding school in the USSR

Boarding school in the USSR - the educational institution in which the education, training and the maintenance of children at the expense of the state. In the boarding school children receive basic secondary education, physical, moral, aesthetic education and undergo vocational training. In the boarding school for children who are in the family for one reason or another can not get a proper education, and in specialized boarding schools (see below) - sick children. Children are in boarding school around the clock during the training period and only on Sunday, holidays and vacations are returned to their families. The number of children in the boarding school usually 280-500.
Under the boarding school usually have a well-landscaped plot is 2-2,5 hectare In teaching and residential sector are distinguished academic, residential, administrative and commercial space, educational-production workshops, sports facilities, recreational facilities and extracurricular activities. Premises consist of classrooms for not more than 30 people (1,4-1,5 m2 for 1 person). Classes are held in one shift. Hygienic requirements to classes and sanitary norms are the same as in the secondary schools (see). Sports hall should be not less than 150 m2 (razdevalke and showers). Assembly hall (100 - 120 m2) is used for meetings, gala evenings, concerts and other events.
Bedrooms are usually calculated for 4-6 persons for older students (per 1 pupil - not less than 4 m2) and for 8-10 persons for younger (3.5 m2 per). Mandatory are sports grounds. Food in boarding schools 4 meals a day with a total calorie 2300 kcal for younger students, 3000 kcal for children of middle age, 3500 kcal for older students.
Great attention in boarding schools is paid to organization and a clear commitment to the regime of the day, which is under construction taking into account age peculiarities of pupils and provides a certain duration of the training sessions, management succession of labour, active rest, sleep, time for physical culture, sport and self-service.
Medical care for children is carried out by a doctor and a nurse boarding school, and the children's clinic at the location of the boarding school. Twice a year the doctor and sister conduct regular medical examination of children, systematically monitor the child nutrition, physical and academic load, the regime of the day and sanitary condition of the premises, carry out anti-epidemic and sanitary-educational work among students and staff. In boarding school provides medical center, consisting of a doctor's office, treatment rooms, chambers-Boxing, dental practice and insulator 5-15 beds, depending on the number of students. The health examination of children at the evidence involved physicians clinics (TB doctors, Psychoneurology, orthopaedic surgeons, otorhinolaryngologists, and others). Annually sanation of oral cavity in children. Treatment of sick children has a doctor boarding school, children 's polyclinic or hospital. On recommendation of the doctor pupils of the boarding school are sent for treatment in special children's sanatorium. In summer the children are (also free) in the pioneer camp. Besides General, there are specialized boarding schools for children with infringements of the oporno-impellent device, scoliosis, mentally retarded and others)who need constant medical supervision and long-term rehabilitation. Common mode in such specialized boarding schools is determined by the health authorities together with the Ministry of education. Being under constant observation of different specialists - medical workers and teachers - the children receive the necessary treatment, General education and professional orientation.