Scleroma, scleredema

Scleroma - diffuse thickening of the skin and subcutaneous tissue. There is more common in premature babies or seriously ill with exhaustion and dehydration. The pathogenesis of the disease is not installed. The first signs of scleroma appear on the shins in the field calf muscles and face. In severe cases, the process goes on the trunk and upper extremities. The affected skin is pale, tense, they cannot collect in the folds; after pressing your finger on the modified skin deepening remains. A person gets sick masloobraznyj expression, movement of limbs limited. Potential adverse outcomes.
Scleredema - a form of swelling of the skin with easy seal of the subcutaneous tissue. Seen in preterm and weakened children usually within the first 3-4 days of life. The disease is associated with heart disorder, increased permeability of the walls of capillaries, cooling newborns. At first appears pale skin, then the skin is cold to the touch and becomes a significant density; after pressing your finger on the modified skin remains deepening. Often affects the shins, feet, pubic area and external sex organs. In severe cases, swelling apply to the whole body, except for age and scrotum. The prognosis is more favorable than scleral. In severe cases of possible adverse outcome.
Treatment of scleroma and scleredema: hot baths, warming radiators, heart drugs, massage, treatment of the underlying disease. When scleredema use small doses tireoidina or prednisolone.