Sclerosis - development in the tissues and organs Mature, sometimes coarse-fibered, connective tissue and replacing it parenchymal organ (when atrophy, venous stagnation, inflammation and others). The growth of connective tissue always takes place with the special fibroblast cells that produce collagen fibers and form (for example, on the site longer healed wounds) scar. Sclerosis can progress, and in these cases overgrown connective tissue shrinks, causing tissue or organ deformed (see Cirrhosis). Sklerozirovanie fabric sometimes hyalinized or subjected to calcification and even of ossification. Sclerosis is usually accompanied by a decline in the function of a tissue or organ, where it develops. Sclerosis may be diffuse and focal; the first time observed a uniform seal of the authority and its surface is smooth, with second - surface body bumpy.