Treatment of scoliosis

Treatment of scoliosis long and complex and requires a lot of perseverance and endurance as by the patient and his parents, and on the part of medical personnel. The earlier the treatment starts, the more it effectively. Patient there should be created a special mode with unloading of the spine. The bed should be hard. Studies in special boarding schools for children suffering from scoliosis, allows a rational combination of education and the healing process.
Treating scoliosis is important therapeutic exercise. The nature of the exercises are varied and depends on the type of scoliosis and individual features of the patient. Physical therapy includes exercise, aimed at strengthening the muscles of the back and torso and creating their own muscular corset. Breathing exercises consists of a special corrective exercises while lying on the back, side, on all fours, platen, Lorentz and others (Fig. 3). Exercises are performed 2-3 times a day for 10-15 minutes Therapeutic exercises are most effective when scoliosis of I-II degree, where it is the primary method of treatment.LFC in case of scoliosis in pictures

Fig. 3. Therapeutic physical training (LFC) in the treatment of scoliosis: 1 - stretching in a standing position with linked arms; 2 - "pump"; 3 - lifting one hand up diverting another ago; 4 - tilts to the side; 5 - hypercorrection; 6 - the slopes in hand with raising hands and otstupleniem feet; 7 - the bowing of the back in the supine position: 8 - lifting hands and feet in the supine position; 9-the bowing of the back (with a stick); 10 - raising of hands and feet; 11 - the bowing of the back; 12 - turns the case; 13 and 14 - crawling with pulling both feet (1-St and 2-nd moments); 15 - asymmetric IPOs; 1B - crawling with stretched forth his hands; 17 - crawling with alternate hands pulling forward and pulling up the appropriate feet; 18 - "caterpillar"; 19 - raise your hands behind your head in a sitting position on the angled seat; 20 - tilts to the side in a sitting position on the angled seat.

Simultaneously with therapeutic exercises prescribed massage of the back muscles, especially on the convex side of the spine. The massage lasts for 5 to 10 minutes

corset for the treatment of scoliosis
Fig. 4. Corset for the treatment of scoliosis.

In case of scoliosis III degree doctor sometimes assigns to wear a special corrective corset of blunt (Fig. 4)providing unloading of a spine with some traction. Corset to wear graduation from growth of the spine.
Treatment of scoliosis III and IV degree, as well as progressive congenital scoliosis are more likely to receive surgery. After the operation is prescribed wearing corsets. In the pre - and aftercare period is functional therapy, respiratory gymnastics.
If detected early, the right combination of conservative and surgical treatment has all the opportunities to prevent the development of severe degree of scoliosis.