Seborrhea (seborrhoea, seborrhagia) is a painful skin condition, characterized by increased secretion of the sebaceous glands and change normal sebum.
Seborrhea is very often seen in young adults. The main reason for the development of seborrhea are functional nervous and endocrine disorders characteristic of the period of puberty, which occurs hyperplasia and hypersecretion of the sebaceous glands, changing the composition of sebum, lowered his sterilizing properties that predispose to the emergence of vulgar acne (see Acne), piodermii (see), sycosis (see), abrasions (see) and stimulates the keratinization of the epithelium. Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, hypovitaminosis, pollution enhance skin manifestations of seborrhea.
Depending on the degree of oil secretion, the nature of changes in the composition and texture of the skin fat is reasonable to distinguish the oily liquid, dense and mixed.
The first symptoms seborrhea - increased oiliness of the skin, private comedones (from balance-horn-tube in the excretory duct of the sebaceous glands) usually arise in the age of 12-14 years, and in further strengthening. When liquid oily excretion of fat increased most sharply, liquid sebum freely allocated from the glands, the skin is shiny, fat, hair stick together in clumps. Often there pustular and phlegmonously blackheads on the face. In patients thick oily sebum is more dense consistence, there are often clogged duct of the sebaceous glands, pimples, cysts of the sebaceous glands (atheroma), numerous large and blackheads on the face, back, chest. When mixed oily face is dominated by manifestations of liquid, and on the chest and back - thick oily. Liquid seborrhea completed by 20-24 years. Manifestations of thick oily can be stored up to 28 - 30 years and severely mutilated skin.
Treatment. Diet - moderate limitation of fat, treatment of opportunistic diseases. In milder manifestations seborrhea, acne and acne - wash the skin with warm water and soap, wiping 1 to 2% water solution of sodium thiosulfate, degreasing and disinfectants (1-2% salicylic, 2% boric, 3% citric acid, 1 - 2% resorcinol, 5 - 10% sulfur) in the form of alcohol and aqueous solutions, powders, stirs up sediment. Shown ultraviolet irradiation, heliotherapy. In severe seborrhea with the presence of numerous acne you need to produce mechanical removal of blackheads after preliminary disinfection of skin, removal of atheroma, opening absaliamova acne; designate steam baths, applications of paraffin. In the acute period - antibiotics (biomitsin or erythromycin up to 1 000 000 UNITS per day), autohemotherapy, sedatives (bromine products, Valerian), the preparations of calcium, vitamin A. In endocrine disorders - by prescription diethylstilbestrol or ostestral inside or intramuscularly.
Prevention: the hygiene of the skin, prevention of pollution, ultraviolet irradiation in winter, vitamin A.