Sectional tools

Fig. 1. A box with sectional set.

Sectional Toolkit - a set of medical instruments held for opening (section) of corpses. Sectional tools available in the form of sectional set in a special box with a metal bathtub made of brass or stainless steel (Fig. 1). Sectional tools can be collected from surgical instruments.
To sectional tools include: the bit elaboate small and a bit of medical large flat with a facetted handle (Fig. 2). Clips intestinal elastic (Fig. 3) and clamp hemostatic gear (Fig. 4). Probe pugovicy bilateral (Fig. 5), the probe's corpse with divisions and probe surgical globality (Fig. 6). The curved needle for sewing corpse and needle holder. Hook quadrident sharp, large (Fig. 7). Spoon measuring (usually with a capacity of 100 ml) with a long handle; metal ruler (30 - 35 cm). Folding magnifier diameter of 7 8 see the Hammer anatomical with a hook. Knife amputation average (Fig. 8) and the amputation knife small. Knife resection pushistyj (Fig. 9), knife brain (Fig. 10) with a double-edged blade length 25 cm, width 4 cm and the knife cartilage of the rib (Fig. 11). Scissors: anatomical intestinal (Fig. 12), curved for opening the vessel (Fig. 13), pointed straight (Fig. 14), straight, blunt (Fig. 15) and surgical curved (Fig. 16). Saw anatomical sheet (Fig. 17) and saw double (Fig. 18) for sawing the bows of the vertebrae. Tweezers anatomical (Fig. 19), tweezers jagged-his (Fig. 20), a surgical tweezers (Fig. 21) and tweezers shore. Respetar straight line (Fig. 22) for the Department of periosteum. Scalpel pushistyj large (Fig. 23) and the scalpel sharp pointed average (Fig. 24). Syringe to wash cavities with a capacity of 150 ml with a set of needle to it. Curling bone - cutter with direct sponges, curved on the plane (Fig. 25).sectional the Toolkit

Fig. 2-25. Sectional tools. Fig. 2. The medical bit flat with cut handle. Fig. 3. Clips intestinal elastic (left-straight, right - angled). Fig. 4. Clip hemostatic gear. Fig. 5. Probe pugovicy bilateral. Fig. 6. Probe surgical globality. Fig. 7. Hook quadrident acute great. Fig. 8. Knife amputation average. Fig. 9. Knife resection pushistyj. Fig. 10. Knife brain. Fig. 11. Knife rib cartilage. Fig. 12. Scissors anatomical intestinal. Fig. 13. Scissors curved for the opening of the vessels. Fig. 14. Scissors pointed straight. Fig. 15. Scissors, straight, blunt. Fig. 16. Surgical scissors curved. Fig. 17. Saw anatomical sheet. Fig. 18. Saw double. Fig. 19. Tweezers anatomical. Fig. 20. Tweezers jagged-gripping. Fig. 21. A surgical tweezers. Fig. 22. Respetar direct. Fig. 23. Scalpel pushistyj great. Fig. 24. Scalpel sharp pointed middle. Fig. 25. Cutters with direct sponges, curved on the plane.

Sectional tools are stored in dry heated premises at room temperature in cabinets or in special boxes with the correct layout type and purpose. Knives and scalpels are placed on the supports to the blade was on the weight.