Sedatives - medicinal substances that have a calming effect.
The sedative tools include preparations of Valerian (see), motherwort, some cardiac glycosides (see), bromides (see); sleep AIDS - barbiturates, bromizoval (see) and carbromal (see), appointed in small doses; minor tranquilizers, or anti-fobia (eliminating fear) means: meprobamate (see), Elenium (Librium), valium, amizil (see), oksilidin, trioxazin and other funds are used As a sedative and anti-histamine drugs: diphenhydramine (see), promethazine (see), and other
Sedatives heterogeneous pharmacological characteristics. Some of them, such as derivatives of barbituric acid, increasing doses can cause sleep, others, such as amizil, such actions do not have, despite the significant increase doses. Meprobamate occupies a middle position, causing large doses of drowsiness. Thus, sedatives differ from sleeping mostly range between soothing and hypnotic dose. So some hypnotics unsuitable as a sedative drugs because of the failure of this range. Sedatives increase of sleeping pills substances; a significant impact on the vegetative functions they have. Meprobamate, Librium, suppressing functions of the spinal cord, have a muscle-relaxing effect. Indications for use of sedatives quite broad. Good tolerance and no relief effect used in the outpatient setting. With proper selection of the dose they not only reduce the health of man, but increase it, removing irritability and tension. In this case, as a rule, improves the sleep of patients. Sedatives used mainly in neuropathology in a variety of neurotic disorders, neurasthenia, psychopathy, States of anxiety, fear, increased irritability, insomnia, shallow depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder. They appoint as before operations with the purpose to remove the excitement of the patient and reduce muscle tension. When neurotic disorders combined with psychotic symptoms, anti-fobia drugs used in conjunction with neuroleptic means (see).
Treatment sedatives, typically conduct long. An important role plays the right choice and dosage of the drug. Meprobamate, Librium, oksilidin, trioxazin usually well tolerated by patients. In rare cases, there drowsiness, itching, skin rash, nausea. Overdose meprotan and Librium can be felt muscle weakness due to the muscle-relaxing effect of these drugs. Acute poisoning sedatives apply the same measures of assistance that with an overdose of pills (see).