Reflexosegmental therapy

Reflexosegmental therapy (synonym one metameric therapy) is a method of the treatment in physical therapyat which to influence the pathological process is used irritation physical agents receptors of skin zones corresponding segments of the spinal cord and spinal autonomic ganglia-specific metamere body.
"Local" segmental reactions occur mainly in organs and tissues of those metameral body whose skin is exposed physiotherapeutic influence; these reactions are part of the General reactions to exposure. For reflexosegmental therapy use different physical factors: electrotherapy (galvanic current, darsonvalization, diathermy, inductothermy, the electric field of ultra-high frequency, microwave, franklinizations), Svetlichnyi (by ultraviolet irradiation), aeroionization, balneotherapy, mud, clay, sand baths, massage.
The most frequently used effects of physical factors on the collar area ("collar method")corresponding niinesalu and vermehrung segments of the spinal cord. This method is shown in inflammatory processes in the membranes of the brain (with residual phenomena), and iridotsiklite rheumatic etiology, keratitis, chronic sinusitis, the evstaheit, chronic otitis, Meniere's syndrome, neuritis of the auditory nerve, Ozen, otosclerosis, vasomotor rhinitis, the functional disorders of the cardiovascular system. The impact of physical factors on the lumbosacral departments ("the lap method") shown in spastic and atonic colitis, injuries of muscles of lower limbs, functional disorders of the reproductive system in men and women.