Selenium, vitamin E and heart

Like vitamin E, selenium is an antioxidant. This does not mean that they are interchangeable; they, however, definitely sinergetice. They act independently but prefer "cooperation", replacing each other in biological processes.
If selenium is only activated vitamin E, even then he would be indispensable, necessary. But he also protects nucleic acids from damage, improves our resistance and thereby protects against various diseases.
Professor Wilfried E. the Jester (Canada) has long recognized as one of the biggest authority in all matters relating to vitamin E. now, he says (too long)that this vitamin plays an extremely important role in maintaining a healthy heart and prevention of diseases of the circulatory system. And selenium are only needed for the work of the heart muscle and blood vessels.
Mexican doctor Martin received excellent results in the treatment of patients with angina pectoris (angina pectoris) selenium in combination with vitamin E. the same results received doctors in the Philippines. Treatment only one vitamin E did not give such effect.
In areas where there is little selenium, more common diseases caused by impaired blood circulation, than where enough selenium in the soil and plants. But at the same time, in those places where this element is found in abundance, people suffer from hypertension, atherosclerosis, blood circulation, etc., Already on grounds of sickness, you can determine where too little selenium and where it is in excess.