Selenium and cancer

Research conducted in two cities of the USA, gave unexpected results. In Rapid city among the surveyed population was found high concentrations of selenium in the blood and in the city of Lima is low. In Rapid city was in 2 times fewer deaths from cancer and related diseases than in Lima. These studies were conducted by the doctor of Shamberger, epidemiologist from Cleveland; the results were published in "Critical Reviews in Clinical Laboratory Sciences (VI. 1971). Equally unexpected results presented Dr. Kreutzer from California. Recently he has been studying the causes and treatment of cancer in animals and came to the conclusion that selenium slows down during this terrible disease, and sometimes warns her; this was confirmed by the Committee of environmental prevention in Krakow.
Research doctors of Kreutzer, Shamberger and Schwartz has also shown that cancer patients noted an incredibly low content of selenium in the blood.
However, it is still unknown, what is the mechanism of action of selenium and how it protects from cancer. It is possible that, being as vitamin E, an antioxidant, it reduces the oxidation of cells and prevents their deformities, genetic damage DNA and, therefore, promotes normal cell growth. Selenium, as well as cobalt or magnesium known as factors counteracting violations of chromosomesthat contain genetic material, which, as we already know, exercises control over the life of the cells and their normal division.