Selenium kills mold

The staff of the Clinic of Hematology in Krakow was able to prove that selenium paralyzes aflatoxins and thus protects the cells from cancer-causing these poisons, moreover, it destroys the moldthat produces aflatoxins.
This discovery laid the basis of a patent (together with the Association "Polfa")relating to the method of spraying salts of selenium on the spot of mold on the walls damp houses. These patches could be left in the past mold fungi that produce toxins.
In the light of these data stats consider promising opportunities for the use of selenium, for example, for the salvation of food. At harvest in rainy summer may create a situation, when the grain will be spoiled with mold (no dryer). Such grain can be dangerous for health. In this period must be added to food of population in such areas more antioxidants - compounds selenium, vitamins E and C, and so on
Such measures must be taken, if the tubers during storage in damp potato covered with mold. Potato rot (Phitophtoree infestans, Synchytrium endobioticum) clothes ability adversely affect the brain tissue.
In Ireland, where the potato is a staple food, it is often affected by mildew. Statistics show that in Belfast in 7 times more often than in London, children are born with abnormalities of the brain (stillborn, without a brain, with different defects of the brain and so on). Apparently, in the diet of pregnant women too much moldy potatoes. Food rich in antioxidants to neutralize mycotoxins, would likely significantly improve the situation.
How right was the old foodie Bilan-Savarin (1755-1826), when he wrote that "the fates of Nations depend on the ways of their power".