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    The topography of the spleen (horizontal saw the body at the level of XI thoracal vertebra): 1 - aperture; 2 - spleen: 3 - gate, blood and lymphatic vessels of the spleen: 4 - stomach: 5 - liver.

    Spleen - Gypsy parenchymal organ of the blood system. The spleen is located in the abdominal cavity (Fig) deep in the left hypochondrium. The spleen surface in contact with the diaphragm, convex, opposite an inner - flattened. The spleen is covered by the peritoneum, which forms a ligament, fixing the spleen in the abdominal cavity. Between the sheets peritoneum, forming abdominal-splenic ligament are blood vessels (the splenic artery and vein), the accompanying nerve fibers from the celiac plexus and of wandering nerve), and lymphatic vessels that make up the splenic leg.
    Histologically spleen consists of parenchyma, a large number of vessels of trabeculae and capsules. From the capsule inside the body depart connective tissue beams - trabeculae, branching within spleen on a small network and components of a bearing body. In tissue capsule, especially in the trabeculae, there are elastic and muscular fibers through which the spleen is able to decrease. The most part of volume of the spleen represented by the red pulp, educated venous sinuses are filled with uniform elements of blood (mostly erythrocytes). White pulp formed lymphoid tissue that produces lymphocytes.
    Spleen performs several important functions: hematopoietic, krivorotnaya governing haematopoiesis, protective, tank, etc. One of the functions of the spleen is the catching away of the blood of the damaged red blood cells, microorganisms
    and alien to the body element, trapped in the blood. In the spleen antibodies to the seized items. In the embryonic period and in certain pathological conditions (anemia and other) in the spleen are formed erythrocytes. The spleen is involved in several metabolic processes, in particular iron. Finally, spleen is a spare tank of blood and hemoglobin. This ability spleen to absorb and allocate the blood supply characterizes its participation in adaptive reactions of organism harmful to him impacts.