Research methods spleen

  • The structure of the spleen
  • Diseases of the spleen
  • Damage to the spleen
  • From clinical research methods spleen most important is palpation, which allows to determine the magnitude, the nature of the surface, texture and sensitivity of the body when it is increased. Probes spleen in the patient on the back or on the right side. Patient offer to "breathe belly. The right hand flat, but with a slightly bent ends of the fingers are installing directly from the rib edges perpendicular to the X-direction edges and gently immersed in the stomach. With a deep breath the lower pole of the spleen moving down towards moving the fingers. Spleen beating only after its increase or shift down. To define the boundaries of the spleen used percussion in the mid-axillary line. Dulling, corresponding to the location of the spleen occupies the area from IX to XI ribs, without going past the front of axillary line. The diameter of a blunting of the spleen $ 5-7 see X edge divides spleen on clinico in half. Auscultation can give positive results only in cases deposition of fibrin on the capsule spleen (perispirit), when it is possible to listen noise of friction peritoneum.
    Other research methods spleen are applied in cases of its increase, when the diagnosis is very difficult. These include puncture spleen allow to explore the cellular structure punctate, splenomegalia to determine vnutrikletochnogo pressure; to study the splenic and portal vein of the liver method used contrasting splenoportography (see).
    Changes spleen may take place in a variety of diseases and pathological conditions (infectious diseases, heart failure, portal hypertension, amyloidosis, diabetes, disease, Niemann - pick and other). Changes spleen may occur in connection with inflammatory processes (specific inflammation in tuberculosis, sarcoidosis Beck, syphilis and others), systemic diseases of blood-forming organs, and also due to the primary lesion of the spleen. Histologically, when many of these pathological processes in the spleen is celebrated hyperplasia its structural elements, accompanied by the increase of the authority. The sharp increase in the spleen through diffuse hyperplasia due to various reasons, usually called splenomegaly.