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  • Tromboliticescoe spleen (synonym tromboliticescoe splenomegaly) develops as a consequence of the splenic vein thrombosis of the veins. Currently tromboliticescoy the splenomegaly is considered as a special case of extrahepatic form of portal hypertension (see) - pathological conditions caused by poor blood circulation in the portal vein of the liver.
    The disease is characterized by a wavy long period with feverish period at the beginning of the disease and during exacerbations. The main symptoms of the disease are similar to the symptoms of portal hypertension (see), a special case of which is tromboliticescoe splenomegaly. The main symptoms of this disease are: 1) splenomegaly; 2) sudden massive bleeding from esophageal varices and stomach, rarely intestine (hematemesis, tarry stools)that can be repeated and to be the direct cause of death of the patient; 3) anaemia, lakopenia and thrombocytopenia as a result of massive blood loss, and in some cases as a consequence of hypersplenism. In the propagation process with splenic vein on the portal develops a picture of portal hypertension. Thrombosis of the splenic vein belongs to the group rarely diagnosed diseases. Similar clinical symptoms may be caused by other pathological processes (thrombosis of the portal vein and its branches, is compression of the veins of the spleen of tumor, lymph nodes, scars and other), leading to stagnation of blood and spleen.
    The prognosis of the disease depends on the frequency and severity of bleeding and timely diagnosis, allowing you to apply early surgical intervention. Treatment and surgery. When bleeding - blood transfusions, the use of hemostatic means: capramin 40% - 100 ml intravenously, pituitrin 2 ml (20 UNITS) intravenous 1-2 times a day in 5% glucose solution drip, vikasol 1% 1 ml 2 - 3 times a day intramuscularly, 10% solution of calcium chloride in 10-20 ml intravenously, etc. When heavy bleeding from the veins of the esophagus is applied introduction to the esophagus special probe with a balloon plugging bleeding veins, and surgical treatment, consisting in the dressing veins oesophagus. If ascites - diuretics and puncture the abdominal cavity.