Seminal vesicles

The seminal vesicles pair glandular organ that produce a secret, necessary for the supply and movement of sperm. Seminal vesicles have views pear-shaped protrusion VAS duct, located in the tissue above the prostate gland. In front of the seminal vesicles are bottom of the bladder and the final Department of the ureters. Behind the front wall of the rectum. Top seed bubbles covered by the peritoneum. The length of the seminal vesicles - 4-5 cm, width - 1,5-2,0, thickness of 1,0-1,5 see Distinguish the bottom, body and cervix of the seminal vesicles. Top, wider Department bubble gradually narrows and becomes excretory duct into the ampoule VAS duct (Fig. to Art. Seed tubercle). In the wall of the seminal vesicles are four layers: connective tissue sheath, muscle fibers, submucosal and mucous membranes. The mucous membrane is coated with a single-layer or multi-layer cylindrical, rarely cubic epithelium. The secret of the seminal vesicles gray, gelatinous, fructose, necessary for the supply and movement of sperm.
The study of the seminal vesicles is carried out by palpation through the rectum. X-ray examination (vesiculography) after surgical exposure VAS duct, it puncture and introduction to the side of the urethra 3 ml of contrast material.
Of the diseases of the seminal vesicles, the most frequently observed cysts, dropsy and empyema, which is the result of blockage of the flow with urethritis and prostatitis and clusters of secret bubbles in the advanced cavities.
Inflammatory diseases of the urethra often accompanied by inflammation of the seminal vesicles (see Vesiculitis) and capsules VAS duct (amulet). In the study through the rectum determine dense education beyond the prostate gland, sometimes with a fluctuation.
Treatment of inflammatory diseases of the seminal vesicles conservative - physiotherapy, warm microclysters, antibiotics. For large empiema make opening the abscess - vesiculate; access through the crotch with drainage and irrigation of purulent cavities. Rare benign and malignant tumour of seminal vesicles, described isolated cases of syphilis and stones. Treatment of tumor operational (see Vesiculate), however, because of lack of symptom diagnosis of the tumor is often late, during germination surrounding organs and tissues when radical surgery is already impossible.

Seminal vesicles (vesiculae seminales) - saccular education, located above the prostate between the bladder wall and the ampulla of the rectum, where it is separated from the last fascia Denonville.
The lower ends of the seminal vesicles are moving in semyavynosyaschih ducts, which, when connected with semyavynosyaschih canals and permeate the prostate gland and opened on seed tubercle.
The blood supply of the seminal vesicles comes from the bottom of the cystic artery and from the middle of hemorrhoidal artery.
Lymphatic vessels densely anastomose with each other and join in the hypogastric lymphatic vessels.
Nerves extend from the fibers hypogastric sympathetic plexus, partly from n. pelvicus.
Seminal vesicles produce a gelatinous secret, which is part of ejaculate and dilutes the sperm.
During ejaculation, the sperm reductions seminal vesicles are released into the urethra, where at the same time comes the secret of the prostate, and urethral glands Littre and Cooper.
Of these elements is formed gelatinoasa mass alkaline - sperm.