Family traditions

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A. S. Makarenko wrote: "Nothing strengthens the team as a tradition". The family as the primary small group can and should have its own traditions, which are important in the sexual education of their children. One of such traditions can be considered a celebration of the birthdays of family members. This beautiful tradition to decorate life, strengthens the family and raising care about each other. On this day we pay attention to the hero of the occasion. Give him presents, loving. And, of course, the value of gifts is not their cost, and in that respect and sincerity of feelings, those who gives them. These days, traditional in the family, raise children noble feelings, accustom them to this beautiful relations, to the high culture of behavior.
In addition to celebrating of birthdays, families and celebrate other holidays red calendar dates, work days, days, meetings with friends adult family members and friends of the guys.
For various celebrations in the family not only makes the lives of its members are diverse, interesting and informative, but also creates conditions for raising children properly, aesthetically beautiful communication skills with different age and social position of people.
People from childhood accustomed to the norms of the Communist behavior in small and large groups of people, brought up in a wonderful family traditions, will not be able to behave vulgar, familiarly, will never be vulgar and cynical people.
Unfortunately, not all families give priority to developing the good traditions. Sometimes the event is poor: on the table - battery bottles of wine, beer, glasses and wine glasses filled both adults and children. Is made known and established ritual of "Catania" glass on glass. Heard a shrill singing drunken. Gradually losing self-control, adults in the presence of the children talk really dirty jokes, singing obscene songs.
A similar situation is corrupting the minds of children and gives them the desire to imitate gestures and behaviour of adults. Especially harmful when adults, noting that or other celebration, attracted to drinking teenagers and young men. Getting even small doses of light wine has an exciting effect on the young and rapidly evolving organism. Unable to control himself, the youth is trying to speak easily, rougher and more cynical. She tries to get away from the eyes of the adults. "I want to celebrate alone, we are more interesting, more free," say they. Adult offended by these words. But not themselves whether they are guilty of this? Could they in due time to make a joint communication interesting and attractive?
Young people can gather in families in Saturday or Sunday night. From parents largely depends on the content of these meetings, their organization and direction. How many interesting conversations can occur over a Cup of tea, which is a long-standing tradition. As is known, the progressive people of the past century, poets, artists, revolutionaries loved to spend time with a Cup of tea. They read poems, spoke about literature, music, arguing about different new orders, about your Hobbies... Im not bored, not required wines as exciting tools.
Why now is not to return to this beautiful old tradition, dedicated to the meeting friends? And then the main content of such meetings would be interesting conversations, arguments, reasoning about all the exciting young heart and would not have arisen thought about alcohol.
One of the nice family traditions that have considerable importance for the proper upbringing of children, is to discuss the family members of the previous day.
Here's what he wrote about this tradition A. S. Makarenko!
"This hour must be a holiday for the whole family. If so, then he must be joyful and beautiful. Because sometimes this moment only, when the whole family gathers together and when everyone can share what happened to him during the day. So we have to create a sincere and friendly atmosphere, and should itself be able to tell something (and not only good). In children there is a desire to share with parents with all its failures in which they are guilty. Parents should not give in this time of judgment, and do it then. It is necessary to fully protect the grandeur and solemnity hours rest of the family."
This tradition is especially valuable for education stand* who moral behavior of children. Not having sufficient experience of such behavior, sufficient knowledge about it and besides a positive example, adults, they make a lot of inappropriate action. Such actions of the parents, usually learn either from the teacher (journal entries student), or from other children or community members. In very rare cases, children themselves tell about your mistakes parents. These cases occur in those families, where frankness and sincerity have become commonplace, where the child does not beat a perfect offense, but try to understand, to explain the reason for the perfect errors and at the same time strictly to demand redress. Usually in such families grow very honest, direct, open people who can admit poor, unworthy.