About family and marriage

The authors in the form of conversations with readers talk about morality, moral side of the family relations, sexual education, about the reasons that make the discord in family life (casual sex, abortion, infertility, alcoholism).
Designed for readers young and middle aged.

Questions of marriage and the family is increasingly covered on the pages of Newspapers, magazines and brochures. This topic continues to be relevant and exciting. However, the problem of family and marriage relations has not only a moral and ethical way. It needs to be addressed and also with medical positions.
The reader may expect to see not only the actual material, enriching his knowledge, but specific advice that may be useful in family life. With this in mind, the authors have decided to depart from the well-known cliche when building such books and to present the material in the form of conversations that introduces the reader as if to joint reasoning on many issues of concern.
To understand the essence of the relationship between man and woman is impossible without knowledge of the anatomical and physiological bases of sexual life of a person. In subsequent conversations (5-6-7-th) tells about the time of adolescence, early marriage, intimate aspects of life of the person, given advice of the intending spouses.
A major rift in the family life make casual sex, sexually transmitted diseases, abortion, infertility, alcoholism. This is stated in the 8th and 9th conversations.
The man of the future is brought up today. About the comprehensive development of personality, about the role and significance of educational work in the improvement of the life and struggle with promiscuity is told in the 10th and final interview.
At the end of section provides a list of recommended literature affected by it issues.