The ductus deferens

The ductus deferens (the ductus deferens) has a length of 45 - 50 cm diameter 3 mm Consists of mucous, muscle and connective tissue membranes. The ductus deferens starts from the tail of the epididymis and ends semyavynosyaschego duct in the prostate part of the urethra. On the basis of topographical features distinguish it testicular part (pars testicularis), corresponding to the length of the egg. This part of convoluted and is adjacent to the rear edge of the testis. Kanatnikova part (pars funicularis) lies in the seminal cord running from the upper pole of the testicle to the external opening of the inguinal canal. Inguinal part (pars inguinalis) corresponds pahovom channel.
Pelvic part (pars pelvina) begins from the inner hole of the inguinal canal and leads to the prostate. Pelvic part duct deprived of the vascular plexus and is held under the parietal piece of pelvic peritoneum. The final part of the VAS duct near the bottom of the bladder expanded in the form of capsules.
The function. Mature, but still sperm together with a liquid that has an acidic reaction, semyavynosyaschego the channel is output from the epididymis in the peristalsis of the wall of the duct and accumulate in the ampoule VAS duct. Here the liquid in it partially absorbs.

The ductus deferens (vas deferens) is a tube length of 40 cm with an internal width of 0.5 mm Wall it consist of three layers of smooth muscles: external and internal - longitudinal and medium - circular; inside the duct covered by a cylindrical epithelium. Together with the vessels and nerves of the testis of the ductus deferens is part of the spermatic cord and lies behind a. spermatica and venous trunks plexus pampiniformis.
Having entered through the inguinal canal into the cavity and small pelvis, the ductus deferens is directed backwards, down, crosses the ureter and near seed bubble forms extension (vials), which is a side opening is connected with semyavynosyaschego duct (ductus ejaculatorius) seminal vesicle. Semyavyvodyaschih duct passes through the thickness of the prostate and opens on the top seed bump in the lumen of the posterior urethra.
The blood supply is a. deferentialis (a branch. epigastricae internae).
Lymphatic vessels merge into the lower nodes. Innervation comes from the hypogastric nerve.