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The sensitivity of the skin and mucous membranes of the mouth and nose is held on the trigeminal nerve, where a similar intervertebral site is semilunar (gasserv) node of the trigeminal nerve, and analogous to the back horn - gelatin substance of the trigeminal nerve, which is located in the lateral areas of the brain stem, down goes into gelatin (rolandovna) substance. With the defeat of gelatin substance of the trigeminal nerve sensitivity on the face will fall on segmental and dissociate type. With the defeat of one of the branches of the trigeminal nerve will drop all kinds of sensitivity in the corresponding area: in the forehead - the first branch, in his cheeks - the second and in the lower jaw is the third branch.
You may experience varying degrees of loss of sensitivity and different nature of her irritation. So, there are, in addition anesthesia (complete loss of sensitivity), hypesthesia (less sensitive) and hyperesthesia (sensitization), which is often expressed as hyperpathia, i.e. the increased perception of irritation with a burning sensation, usually in the area broader than the application site of injection. When another type of perversion sensitive perceptions, called dysesthesia, heat is perceived as a cold or Vice versa; paresthesias are characterized by a sense of numbness, crawling, osnaline, burning, itching in some areas of the body. In some cases, the pain may occur as a result of irritation of peripheral or Central nervous system, connected with the carrying out of pain sensitivity. Most often it is observed at the irritation of nerve trunks or posterior roots of the spinal cord that has the name of neuralgia, or root pain. Pathological processes in the side horns spinal cord, where the cells of vegetative nervous system, there is a pressing pain in different parts of the body (depending on localization center in the spinal cord); excruciating pain can occur when the lesion is in the optic of the hill - this concentration of all sensitive pathways - hemihyperplasia, or burning pain in half of the body.
With the defeat of the fibers of the autonomic nervous system may experience discomfort in the internal organs, and flooded pain in innervation areas of the peripheral nerves, the so-called sympathalgia. One of degree or intensity sensitive perceptions takes a certain participation of the reticular formation of the brain stem (see brain)through which receives impulses, stimulating the brain cortex. With the defeat of the right parietal area (right-handed) is often observed disorder scheme of the body, when a patient is unaware of his defect or feels several hands, improper positioning of the hands or feet, and so on, a Peculiar type of sensitivity disorders are phantom pains, i.e. pain in the missing limb, which is associated with irritation injure scar stump sensitive fibers, which are anatomically and functionally were associated with missing body part (see Phantom sensations).
Investigation of sensitivity should be conducted in a calm patient atmosphere at the optimum temperature of the room. The feeling of touch (tactile sensitivity) is investigated fleece or brush, pain - prick of a pin, temperature - a written application of test tubes with warm and cold water with a difference in 4-3 degrees. Muscular-articular sensitivity explore, offering the patient to determine which of the movement in the fingers or more large joints he holds a doctor. For research of vibration sensitivity to the bone projections put the vibrating tuning fork. The sense of pressure is determined by the pressure on the skin and muscles of the patient, the accuracy of two-dimensional spatial sensitivity is determined at the mark on the skin of the patient letters, numbers or simple shapes. Usually produce a comparative study of different areas of the skin of the patient. The results are entered in a special scheme. In order to specify the obtained data are recommended to re-study the sensitivity of the patient.