Heart disease

To heart diseases include diseases of myocardium, disease of coronary arteries, pericardial disease, endocardium and heart valves (see heart Arrhythmia, myocardial infarction, Myocardial, Myocarditis, Pericarditis, heart disease, Endocarditis , and others). To the listed diseases actually hearts join another angina (see), cardiac neurosis, syphilis, tuberculosis, heart and other
Cardiac neurosis (synonym cardiovascular neurosis) - functional disorders of the cardiovascular system, connected with infringement of neurohumoral regulation of blood circulation apparatus. Cardiac neurosis occurs when a severe mental trauma, mental fatigue, under the influence of negative emotions, and chronic intoxication by alcohol, nicotine, and others For heart neurosis typical complaints on pain and heaviness in the heart, heart, feelings of failure, dyspnea, unrelated to the exercise appear in peace, with nervous tension. Pain is usually localized in the apex of the heart, can be permanent or temporary. At the heart neurosis also often marked weakness, sweating, numbness, headaches, poor sleep, irritability, sometimes subfebrile temperature.
Objective examination found border of the heart is within norm, auscultation sometimes define functional systolic murmur (see), see the tendency to tachycardia, labile (instability) of pulse and blood pressure, ECG sometimes register extrasystoles (see Arrhythmias), transient changes zubza So
The diagnosis of heart neurosis requires a thorough and comprehensive study of the patient with use of laboratory, x-ray and ECG methods. To make the diagnosis of heart neurosis is possible only after the firm conviction of a doctor in the absence of the patient organic heart disease (stenocardia, rheumatism, heart disease, myocarditis, and so on) and only if the patient has signs of the General neurosis.
In the treatment of heart neurosis play an important role psychotherapy and addressing the factors contributing to its development. Shown gymnastics, sports, wiping, shower. Effective sedatives: tincture of Valerian root (10 grams of root 200 g of water) on 1 table. L. 3 times a day, phenobarbital 0.05 g 3 times a day, monopolista camphor 0.25 g 3 times a day, trioxazin. meprobamate, Elenium, seduxen, etc. for insomnia in night appoint noxian 0.25 g or teminal-sodium 0.1 g, or barbitala-sodium 0.3, Shows vitamin. Use vitamins B1 thiamine-bromide (1-2 ml 6% solution injection a day) and cyanocobalamin (100-200 mcg injection a day) 10-20 injection of each vitamin treatment, and multivitamin preparations. Effective and kokarboksilaza injection 100 mg intramuscularly daily; treatment-20-25 injection.
The prognosis of the disease favorable. Must often long and persistent treatment.
Syphilis cardiovascular system currently is rare. The syphilis (pale Treponema) penetrates the wall of the aorta or heart in the early period of syphilis, where it remains in a dormant (latent) state 10-20 years. Symptoms of cardiovascular system appear in the tertiary period of syphilis and are expressed most often in the form of syphilis Arteta (see), sometimes complicated aortic aneurysm (see), lesions of coronary and aortic valve. In the latter case, syphilis develops failure of the aortic valve (see heart Defects). Less likely to cause syphilis (goomotrie) myocarditis and pericarditis. Gum in the heart muscle can lead to disturbance of the heart rhythm and conduction (see
Heart arrhythmia), the development of an aneurism of the heart (see).
The diagnosis of syphilis cardiovascular systems are set based on history, symptoms of syphilis defeats of other organs and specific serological reactions (Wasserman, Cana, Hinton and others).
Treatment - active protivoepilepticheskie therapy; in some cases syphilis aortic aneurysm used surgical treatment.
The prognosis depends on the severity of the defeat of the cardiovascular system and timely treatment.
Parasitic diseases of the heart can be called protozoa and helminths. Of the simplest myocardial damage causing pathogens trypanosomiasis, leishmaniasis, toxoplasmosis and other Pathogens tropical malaria can fill in the capillaries, covering their lumen, which also leads to damage to the heart. Sometimes the heart damage associated with worms. Larvae of Trichinella cause allergic myocarditis. Known cases of parasitism in the heart of larvae of the pork tapeworm, lentetsov, intestinal ugritsy; meet it cysts Galatenko Echinococcus and others In hot countries observed the heart damage by worms in filaretos, the schistosomiasis , etc. In some cases, the worms may be the cause of heart failure and sudden death.
Heart pleurisy observed in mitral valve diseases of circulatory failure, atherosclerotic cardiosclerosis, heart attacks and other heart diseases. The causes of cardiac pleurisy can be infection, moving from the lungs or listed hematogenous, autoimmune reaction pleura in response to the damage of the heart muscle (see Autoallergy) and other Pathological heart of pleurisy are characterized by redness of the pleura, fibrous layers on pleural sheets. In the pleural cavity accumulated sero-fibrinous or hemorrhagic effusion with high content of protein and cellular elements. More often right-sided heart pleurisy; for myocardial infarction more typical left-sided pleural effusion.
Clinically heart pleurisy manifested by pain in the chest, associated with breathing, shortness of breath, low-grade fever, leukocytosis. Objective data of the examination of the respiratory organs with heart pleurisy same as exudative pleurisy (see).
The diagnosis of heart pleurisy is confirmed by chest x-ray.
In the treatment of heart pleurisy shown again pleural puncture, the use of cardiac and diuretics, corticosteroids.
The prognosis of heart pleurisy depends on the course of the underlying disease.

metastasis of cancer in heart
Fig. 2. Metastasis of cancer in the heart.
cysticercosis heart
Fig. 3. Cysticercosis heart.