Sexology - the branch of medicine that studies the physiology and pathology of sexual life of a person. Sexology brings together various information from biology (questions of reproduction), physiology and anatomy (structure of the genitals and physiology of the reproductive function)clinical medicine (some diseases of sexual sphere and sexual psychopathy), sociology (problems of marriage and the family), some sections of psychology and pedagogy. In clinical practice in treatment of the diseases of sexual sphere are gynecologists, urologists, neurologists, psychiatrists and endocrinologists. At present there is a tendency to allocation of sexology in a separate discipline, there are specialists-therapists; in some cities, consultation on questions of family and marriage.
Sexual life of a person is composed of a diverse combination of biological, psychological, and, most importantly, social components.
As mentioned above, in the animal world libido serves the only goal of multiplication. Humans experience it, besides, is, so to say, the energy potential of the individual and the natural basis for the emergence and development of human feelings of love, plays a very important social role, being shown already in those refined forms, in which his dress culture and moral foundations of society.