Sex perversion

Sexual perversion is a group of disorders in which sexual gratification is carried out in an unusual way.
Sexual perversion is very diverse. Most frequent: homosexuality is a sexual attraction to persons of the same gender (male to male, female to female); sadism - emergence of sexual arousal with subsequent orgasm when applying partner physical or mental pain; masochism - sexual arousal the person subjected to beatings or abuse; exhibitionism (occurs, as a rule, men) - sexual excitation attained by exposure of sexual organs in the presence of the opposite sex; pedophilia is a sexual attraction towards children; gerontophilia - attraction to the elderly; zoophilia - to animals; the necrophilia - to corpses.
Sexual perversions are a very common symptom of psychopathy, mental retardation or slowly flowing mental illness (especially schizophrenia). Usually patients should be placed in a hospital for the decision of questions of diagnostics and treatment.
In some cases, a forensic medical examination relates sex perversion to the sexual offences (see).

Sex perversion (perversio nes or sex organs; synonym sexual perversia) - painful changes in orientation sexual desire, leading to engage in intercourse in unusual atmosphere, in an unusual way or with inadequate partner.
The etiology and pathogenesis of the genital organs are complex and not fully understood. About hereditary condition wrote many old writers, currently, the primary importance in the Genesis P. I. given other adverse factors. C. M. Bekhterev pointed to the possibility of the conditioned reflex Genesis P. I., E. A. Popov on the role of early sexual irritability and a tendency to form a durable conditioned reflexes even in a single combination.
Some authors refer sexual perversion to the group of psychopathy (perverzne psychopathy), but it is not justified, as the P. I. can meet outside of one or another anomaly of nature. The value of unfavorable factors of education is well recognized.
Classification. The most rational classification of sexual perversions, proposed by Bulgarian authors I. Petrov, and So Bastanzhieva (1963). They are subdivided P. I. into two large groups: 1) the object of perversia where perversion focus of attraction for as object of desire, and 2) situational perversia where the change of attraction refers to one or the other component most sexual situations.
To the object perversum include: autoerotism, homosexuality, pedophilia, gerontophilia, necrophilia, bestiality. To situation - different ways of sexual perversions, reflected in the fact that the patient uses a different substitution ways of satisfying sexual feelings, achieving this through the use of a particular component, sexual situations, and implementation of intimacy with a person of the opposite sex is all he needs. This visionsm, exhibitionism, fetishism, transvestism. In addition, there are situational perversia when sexual orientation adequately addressed to the person of the opposite sex and perversion is the desire to enter in the time of the exercise of sexual intimacy more foreign influence, without which it is impossible to obtain satisfaction. Among this kind of situation perverse belong: pietism, sadism and masochism.

Separate forms of sexual perversions

Autoerotism. The object of sexual gratification is the patient himself. Autoerotism can be manifested in the following ways: a) Masturbation (Masturbation) - the desire to receive orgasm mechanical influence on their erogenous zones (see Masturbation); b) fantasizing erotic themes (mental, psychic, Masturbation), in which the subject is not actively seeks to face the other sex, limited to intense mental images of erotic scenes that accompanied erection, ejaculation, and orgasm; C) narcissism - the tendency to find satisfaction in admiring myself, my body.
Pedophilia is a sexual attraction to young.
Gerontophilia - sexual attraction to the elderly.
The necrophilia - the desire for sexual intercourse with a corpse.
Zoophilia - attraction to sexual intercourse with an animal.
Visionsm - sexual satisfaction is achieved when contemplating the genital organs of the opposite sex or peeping how is performed coitus, urinating. Here, apparently, should include erotic bestiality - the desire to observe sexual intercourse animals.
Exhibitionism - the desire to expose his genitals in front of the woman, and this is achieved satisfaction.
Fetishism - satisfaction is achieved through the possession of any object belonging to a person of the opposite sex. The object of desire (fetish) can be a thing, component intimate belonging to the toilet, or in any other subject: Shoe, fragments of the handkerchief, studs, and sometimes things indifferent in relation to gender.
Transvetism - the desire for permanent or temporary wearing clothing of the opposite sex. This is usually characteristic of inversiyn homosexuals, but, unlike them, when transvestite possession of the clothing of the opposite sex is an end in itself and gives itself sexual satisfaction.
In all these versions of substitution ways to address the sexual feeling the patient may experience coming spontaneous ejaculation and orgasm. Sometimes the patient completes this exciting situation act of Masturbation.
Pietism - striving for introduction of the penis in addition vagina: coitus per os, inter mammae, etc. To Picassa are various options to meet obtained by eating one or the other erogenous zones (cunnilinctio, annilinctio, penilinctio).
Sadism appears most often in the desire to cause pain to the partner at the time of sexual intercourse, but sometimes takes the form of so-called psychological sadism, where satisfaction is achieved gross humiliation partner, taunts, insults.
Masochism can manifest or in the form of direct seeking pain from a partner, or seeking to be in the humiliating position before the power, sneering partner.
Sadism and masochism are combined into a group of algolagnia. Unique variant of sexual perversion, which can be to a certain extent related to algolagnia is "zealous" perverziya described Century M. Bekhterev: husband demanded of his wife not only flirting, but rapprochement with another man, then own coitus was for him especially bright.

Treatment of sexual perversions difficult and is a special corrective psychotherapy that can be performed only by a psychotherapist with experience treating sexual disorders. Practical doctor must decide what are the indications for referral of the patient to a specialist therapist.
The most encouraging to forecast the effectiveness of therapy symptoms: a) negative emotional attitude of the patient to his frustration, the fear of its social consequences, the realization that it perverziya demeans the person; b) lack of implementation pervertigo attraction: there is only a dream, selective tender "friendship", but was not a physical approach; C) a history of the first exciting sexual experience, which determined perverso orientation without indication signs of perversely in earlier years; d) bisexuality in the structure of attraction, when at propensity to perversum not lost the ability normal sex life; d) pronounced spiritual crisis in a patient with moral judgment, with intense feeling of impending social danger, legal liability, and so on
In the absence of these signs, especially if the patient does not feel his perversia, willingly given to attraction and turned to the doctor only under the pressure of external circumstances, such as when the threat of prosecution, treatment is unlikely to be successful.
Medical therapy sexual perversion is not decisive. Hormone use is shown only when expressed endocrine disorders. If there are jet-neurotic layers, appropriate sedative or a means of improving tissue metabolism. If the patient has painfully overcome "faint" his impulses, useful application of neuroleptics.
Prevention of sexual perversion is the proper upbringing of the younger generation. High moral rigor, self-esteem, the predominance of social interests, aspirations - these are the factors opposing the formation perverzne tendencies. Great importance is the prevention of negative effects on young people of their "comrades", more "experienced" in sexual matters.
Cm. also Sex crimes.