Sterilization sex

Sterilization sex - artificial creation in the body of conditions preventing the reproduction of posterity, while maintaining the endocrine function of sexual glands. Sexual sterilisation carried out in strict medical reasons. Sexual sterilization should not be confused with castration (see).
Sexual sterilization of men in the USSR as an end in itself is not made, it is used only as a way of prevention of inflammatory diseases of the sexual glands and their appendages in the surgical treatment of adenoma of the prostate (see). The operation is performed with the obligatory consent of the patient.
Sterilization is carried out by bilateral resection of the VAS deferens at the top of the scrotum. Duct highlight of the elements of the spermatic cord, tie and excised 2-3 cm between imposed on him two ligatures (see Vasectomy). Tubal or simple dissection ducts insufficient, because after such operations known cases of spontaneous recovery of their cross. When properly carried out without damage to the blood vessels) resection of changes in the parenchyma of the testicles is not coming for a long time. Ejaculate after sexual sterilization does not contain sperm, consists of a secret of the prostate gland and seminal vesicles.
Sexual sterilisation of women, i.e. artificial off fertility surgery (often with the help of ligation of uterine tubes), in the USSR is not as independent operation, and when chrevosechenie produced for other indications (caesarean section, ectopic pregnancy, the loss of the uterus and vagina , and others), in the interests of the woman and with the obligatory consent.
To non-operative method of sterilization some authors incorrectly referred ovarian irradiation by x-rays, as in these cases it is necessary to speak about castration, i.e. about the complete shutdown of endocrine function of sexual glands.