Steroidic - a disease of the main sinuses. Most frequently occurs as a complication of influenza, rarely measles, pneumonia, typhoid, faces as well as in the transition of infection from the back of the cells of the lattice of the maze. Characteristic of sphenoiditis is feeling pressure in the occipital area or behind the eyeball. Separated from the main sinus found in the olfactory cracks nasal cavity or in the upper part of the nasopharynx. The absolute sign of the defeat of the sphenoid sinus is escaping from it pus or the presence of a discharge when probing and irrigation.
Treatment of sphenoiditis: rarely require operative intervention, the prognosis is often favorable. In acute cases applies ephedrine in the form of nasal drip lubrication upper nasal passage solution of cocaine. In chronic cases endonasal opening the anterior wall of the sinus.
Cm. also the Accessory nasal sinuses.