Schema periods medical application of physical exercises. Design assignment

For more effective use for therapeutic purposes exercise technique lessons are built with the phase of the disease. There are three periods of medical application of physical exercises.
The first period corresponds to the phase of mobilization of the organism's physiological mechanisms of disease control and phase formation temporary compensatory mechanisms. The main tasks of the medical application of physical exercises in this period - stimulation of physiological mechanisms of fighting disease, promoting the most full-time compensatory mechanisms, prevention of complications.
The second period takes place in the phase reverse development of changes caused by disease, and forming of permanent indemnifications in the irreversibility of these changes. The main tasks of the therapeutic use of physical exercises accordingly be assistance fastest elimination of morphological changes and pathological disorders of different functions and in some cases forming of permanent indemnifications.
The third period corresponds to the end of the period of convalescence. The main tasks of the medical application of physical exercises in this period will contribute to the elimination of residual morphological and functional disorders caused by illness, and restoration of adaptation to the usual industrial and domestic muscle loads and conditions. In the presence of irreversible violations is ensured consolidation formed regular compensation.
Design assignment for medical physical culture done by the attending physician. The doctor of medical physical culture points in the history of illness: a) the basic task of medical physical culture, b) recommended forms of employment medical physical culture, C) the period of medical physical culture, g) movement. At the improvement or deterioration of the patient, the doctor, recording these changes in the history of the disease, while at the same time it is necessary, make amendments to the recommendations on medical physical culture. Appointing or revoking it, he must give a written justification for this in the history of the disease.
The doctor or the instructor on medical physical culture fills in for each patient card, medical physical culture, which considers held classes, patient response to physical activity and all data about the methods of learning.