Spric-tubik: - to puncture of the diaphragm; b - after a puncture of the diaphragm; after removing the cap; Mr. pressure cap with mandrel.

Spric-tubik (synonym sireta) - used for a single subcutaneous injection of drugs. Convenient when providing first aid. Consists of a vessel-the body (1), filled with medicine (2), the neckline of the case (3), mounted on her needle (4), mandrel (5) to puncture of the diaphragm (7) through the channel of the needle. Cap (b) covers a sterile needle with mandrel. Syringe-tubes and protective caps made from plastic, filled with medicine and sterilized at the factory.
Holding the hand housing syringe-tubes, pull cap. This rod pierces the membrane. Remove the cap with mandrel. Raise spric-tubik needle up and pressing on the chassis wall fill introduce a solution of its upper part and remove the air from the needles. Produce vCal needle in the subcutaneous tissue and the pressure of fingers on the body of injected a drug.