Shunting of blood vessels

Bypass blood vessels is surgery, which creates a new, temporary or permanent, the path of blood flow to bypass part of the vessel off from circulation.
The most simple method bypass blood vessels is an abstraction of blood in parallel off the portion of the vessel through a special metal cannula with atraumatic clips, United rubber tube. Instead of special cannula is sometimes used polyethylene pipes.
Temporary bypass blood vessels applies when radical operations on large vessels, when you want to turn off the damaged part of the vessel from blood circulation to the time required to perform surgery on the vessel. Shunting of blood vessels that provides blood flow through the vessel during this period and prevents the development of ischemic damage of a number of bodies. To permanently bypass blood vessels use synthetic or canned transplant, and also own a vein of the patient (autovenous bypass), the ends of the graft is sewn into the side sections of the vessel above and below a turn off of the land, which bandage or repetiruyut.