Shustova environment

Shustova environment (L. N. Shustov) is used to separate the pathogens of enteric-typhoid group from polluted waters. The main feature of the environment is a high electively. With the purpose of increase of electively environment tetrathionate sodium, to enhance the inhibitory effect of the latter, it adds a different bakteriostaticheski active dyes.
To prepare the environment to 100 ml melted, chilled up to 45 massoperenosa agar (pH 7,4-7,6) sterile add 5% of bile, 5 ml of 2% solution of lactose and sucrose, taken in equal quantities, 10 ml of freshly prepared mixture of 50% solution of hyposulphite and 2 ml of Lugol solution. This mixture is prepared ex tempore, immediately added to the agar and mix well. Then add to the environment, fresh solution of any of paints (1% solution resolveu acidic or 0.1% gentian violet solution - 1 ml of 0.1% solution of crystal-Violeta - 2 ml of 0.1% solution of brilliant green - 0,05-0,1 ml; mixtures of 0.5% solution metilenovogo blue - 2 ml of 2% solution eosin - 1.5 ml). The environment is thoroughly mixed with the paint and bottled in Petri dishes. Cup dried in the thermostat at the temperature 37 deg, after which they can be stored in the refrigerator for 2-5 days. Wednesday should be transparent, turbidity it indicates the decomposition of tetrathionate.
Cm. also Nutrient medium.