The power of scientific prediction

As we see, the world of our dreams - the world is truly fascinating. Maybe, it is thanks to them sleep becomes, says Shakespeare by the mouth of Macbeth, the sweetest of the dishes on the feast of nature. Dreams allow us to take the soul (their main purpose), decorate our lives, especially those who have color dreams, there's no need to hurry with buying a color TV; finally, the dreams help to solve some creative tasks. But the future is predicted by them only in terms of the likely prognosis, though for the most part with a minimum level of reliability. The only way to predict the future gives science. She opens the laws that govern the world, and provides a reliable prediction of future events.
How many horror once made people a solar and lunar Eclipse! But astronomers have long learned to predict these effects on hundreds and thousands of years. Known for amazing examples of scientific insight. In the middle of the last century, the young mathematician leverye of deviations in the movement of the planet Uranus justified the existence of another, unknown to astronomers of the planet, calculated, where and when it should be looking in the sky. Astronomers exactly followed his instructions and discovered a new planet, called Neptune. Leverye even refused to look through the telescope to make sure he is right. He said that do not need - it is a new planet calculated. D. I. Mendeleev saw in a dream the final version of his table, on its basis have proven the existence of three more unknown to science elements, described their properties and give advice where to look for them. All three items were found and with honour slid into place, indicated a brilliant scientist.
Since in the last century, Karl Marx discovered the law of development of human society, it became possible to predict the course of history. In 1983 marked the 100th anniversary of the death of Marx, and his scientific prediction come true so far. We, the people of the socialist society, doubly linked with science - and in the exploration of nature, and in building a society for socialism - the first in the history of social order based entirely on data from the advanced science.