Silvius sends the denunciation

One of the most devoted admirers Galen was the teacher of Vesalius. To him belongs the pamphlet " the Refutation of klevet a madman on the anatomy of Hippocrates and Galen, composed by Jacob Silvium, Royal interpreter of medical Affairs in Paris".
Recently the Soviet historian of medicine C. N. Ternovskii, who did a lot for popularization of the works of Vesalius, in his book about the great anatomist led the full text of the pamphlet. This document has played a tragic role in the life of an anatomist.
Silvius unleashed on the academic streams swearing and threats. The name of Vesalius he hardly mentions, but generously calls him a madman, slanderer, defector, sewage pit...
The pamphlet contains twenty-eight chapters twenty - eight refutations "of klevet" Vesalius. Hardened defender Galen demands to punish the self-will of man, "dangerous to the state and the Church. Hardly Silvius did not know that this charge was dropped his former student in the arms of the ecclesiastical court.
Silvius drawn to the Emperor:
"I beg sutarskoe Majesty, that he was brutally beaten and generally curbed this monstrosity of ignorance, ingratitude, impudence, pagubnaya sample of wickedness, born and brought up in his house, as it is a monster that deserves to their pest breath it's not poisoned the rest of Europe. Because some of the Gauls, the Germans and the Italians slanderer already infected toxic foam on his mouth..."
The emergence of a pamphlet more reminiscent of the denunciation, immediately identified who are friends and who are enemies of the scientist. Friends turned out to be much less Disciple of Vesalius Colombo passed into the camp of his enemies. The whole scientific world is split helping or hindering the development of new anatomy, recognizing or denounce its Creator.
And the Creator himself, not to bear the condemnation, ridicule, curses, burned his manuscript, notes, interrupted anatomical studies and accepted the offer of Charles V to hold a post of his personal physician. A post at the court of the Emperor saved Vesalius from the open persecution of the Church.
To save what was saved, but at the same time, was not allowed to be engaged in favorite science. After retiring from the University, Vesalius has done little for the further development of anatomy. He published a second edition of his "Treatise", made it a valuable additions. Doctors and students used it for another two hundred years.
Restless associated with traveling life of a court physician weighed Vesalius, who already had a family. Although he proved himself an outstanding, bold surgeon, anatomist still longed for a University audience.
When Charles V abdicated and went to the monastery, the new Governor decided to change the capital. Courtyard Brussels moved to Madrid, and here in Catholic Spain, where the Church court still retained full authority, Vesalius, he said, could not even touch the dry skull. How to produce evidence, could not be and speeches...
About this period of his life we know little. Scientist limited correspondence with their peers for fear of surveillance of the Church, envy and ill-will of the court physicians. Several times Vesalius had requested the Emperor to let him go home, but bigoted and hateful Philip II remained unbending.
It is known that finally tormented anatomist made a promise to go to Palestine to venerate the tomb of the Lord. It is likely that, Autoliv "sins" selflessly creativity, Vesalius thought to return to Italy to continue research work.
The pilgrimage he did not out of love for God.
On the way to Jerusalem Vesalius stayed in Venice. Friends joyfully met the scientist, not knowing that see it last time. No one knows exactly what happened next. According to some information, on the way back Vesalius was ill. Others got in a wreck, landed on the Mediterranean island of Zante (Sakina), where he died in October 1564.
So tragically turned to this great man is the only thing in his life, pleasing God and the Christian Church.