Symptoms wrong provisions of the uterus

Among the frequent complaints, mainly in retroversion-inflections of the uterus, should be attributed primarily menorrhagia - as a consequence of hyperemia of the uterus, caused stagnation in the pelvis. Often patients complain about Beli due to increased secretion of mucous membrane of the uterus on the soil of the same stagnation in the pelvis.
Usually patients complain of pain in the rump when urinating, sometimes pain in the legs, especially at long distance. It should be noted that localization and intensity of pain can be very different. Often patients complain of pain when urinating, depending on the displacement of the uterus in natureway, or an unpleasant feeling of pressure on the rectum. Painful defecating leads first to the deliberate delay of the chair and in the future it often leads to chronic constipation.
Complaints on various disorders of urination is also not uncommon. Frequent urination occurs when or uterus pathological anaflaxia presses on the bladder, or the pressure caused by the cervix when it is retroversion. Sometimes netraverse-inflexion of the uterus may contribute to infertility due to the movement of external OS front, allowing the sperm accumulate in the rear roof and hit her in the uterus difficult.
When the soul, and the depositions of the uterus and vagina symptoms persist usually known sequence. Early symptoms are frequent urination as a result of incomplete emptying of the bladder.
As for the omission may form a bulge is noticeable bladder, causing part of the bubble will be below the level of internal openings of the urethra, and there urine will not be able to flow and delayed. After urination patient feels a sense of incomplete emptying of the bladder that causes soon a new urge to urinate. When a large omission of the front wall of the vagina, along with the bubble patients often suffer relative incontinence is caused by the stretching and incomplete closure of the internal sphincter of the bladder. At loss of the uterus due to mechanical compression and bending the urethra is more likely to occur, on the contrary, the delay urination, and patients usually indicate that the urine is possible only after reduction drop-down bodies.
When the wrong position of the uterus often there are no symptoms, and it is detected by chance during examination of the patient. With regard to diagnose uterine prolapse, it is simple. Ahead of the external genital organs are turned vagina in the form of a pear education, in the thick of which probed the uterus. On most convex part inverted vagina is (usually extended) external orifice of the uterus. The mucous membrane of the drop-down vagina seems thick, rough, dry, and is similar to the skin, around the external OS, and sometimes and on the lateral surface of the mucous often have bedsores as decubital ulcers.
At the beginning of the disease dropdown authorities easy spravlyayutsya the patient, but in the future, as thickening and hardening of the mucous membrane, the reduction of their difficulty.
Education decubital ulcers on the vaginal portion of the cervix and vaginal walls during the deposition of the uterus is accompanied adhesive purulent secretions. Monthly often become rich and wrong.
Large cysts vagina and tumors, which can act beyond, when inexperience sometimes taken for dropping the uterus.
Considering that the loss of the uterus and vagina may be due to a birth trauma, it is necessary to examine the condition of muscles of the perineum and, in particular, to determine the state of the muscles that raise the anus.
To do this, the patient is offered to involve the anus, as is done in the desire to hold gases, which gives the opportunity to determine the functional ability of the muscles of the perineum is the discrepancy or their relaxation and state Sacro-uterine ligaments. This research should be made through the vagina and through the rectum.
It is necessary, finally, to remember about the possibility of infringement dropped out of the uterus in the genital slit. This complication is usually accompanied by symptoms of shock: there was a sharp pain, nausea, vomiting, fainting condition. Failing such timely surgical patient care infringed the uterus may mertveci.