Symptoms and course of gastric cancer

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In the majority of observations to detect a tumor of the stomach, we need to examine the stomach to very carefully and gently. The study should begin when the patient on the back. Under his head must be a pillow. It is desirable cushion to put under your knees. At the same time more relaxed stomach. Explore the patient when his feet badly bent at the knees and not have another error. In this position, he has to strain the muscles to keep his feet in the given situation, and this hampers the study tired and sick. Initially you need to see eye stomach, causing the patient to breathe. However, lean people can see the contours of the sprawling and peristalticheskogo stomach when there is congestion on its content, to see coming out of the rib edge liver when it increased, to see the outlines of the tumor. To touch the stomach needs starting from the bottom of his Department, gradually moving plainly put a hand up towards epigastria. First, you should not make any pressure on the abdominal wall, so as not to cause resistance of the patient with pain. If there is available palpation of the tumor, while the ends of your fingers you can feel dense rough education, shifting when breathing down. These are the intraperitoneal tumors located in the upper part of the abdomen. The offset of the tumor when breathing moreover, the closer to the diaphragm is body, from which it comes, the greatest movement of liver tumors, and less stomach, then transverse colon and least - the small intestine. Tumors that originate from the abdominal wall, move during breathing forward and backward.
When a patient inflates the stomach, abdominal tumor felt worse or not felt at all, tumors that originate from the abdominal wall, felt as much or more distinctly. The same happens when the tension of the abdominal muscles at the time of lifting the head or straightened legs - tumor located in the abdominal cavity, stop prosuvalisya, tumors of abdominal wall felt better.
During deep palpation is necessary to force the patient to breathe through the mouth, freely, without straining, lying on the bed. You should try in the intervals between inhalation and exhalation carefully to promote investigating hand deeper and deeper in the left hypochondrium and in the epigastrium. Sometimes it is necessary to put the hand on the front surface of the chest and keep it. Then the patient will be forced to breathe through the stomach and it can be easier to explore the other hand. Gradually, the patient gets used to it and after a few sighs pressure on the chest, you can stop.
Sometimes located in the epigastrium or upper quadrant tumor is best felt when investigating arm to put his hand on the lower part of the chest so that downstream fingers entirely located on the abdominal wall, without making it strong pressure.
You are equally carefully investigate all the abdomen, because we often find metastatic nodes in a variety of abdominal organs. If a stomach tumor cannot be felt when the patient lies on his back, forcing him to turn on his side and examined in this position. Finally, it is advisable to try to feel the lump, when a patient is or is the knee-elbow position. Although the last and very rarely leads to positive results, but to neglect these methods should not be.