Symptoms and course of gastric cancer

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Tumors of the body of the stomach, located on the large and the small curvature, felt less frequently. In some cases it is possible to identify only uncertain resistance in the depth of epigastria. In General, the tumor is best detected at the skinny people. When Tolstoy abdominal wall, meteorism, with a big belly, extended filled with content of loops guts, to feel the lump harder. Useful here may be the release of the stomach and intestines from the content. Note that sometimes, in contrast tumors that are not selected at an empty stomach, well-found with full stomach. In this regard, in past years, many surgeons considered mandatory to examine the patient not only when the stomach is empty, but when the stomach is stretched his gas (after special reception tartaric acid with soda). By the way, this research helps to distinguish palpable tumor of the stomach from tumors adjacent formations. Stretched gas stomach will close the pancreas and tumor originating from it, will cease to palpable or will prosuvalisya worse, will move down the colon and so on, This method is rarely used, because there are more accurate methods. However, it is simple, harmless for the patient and can be noticed in all conditions.
The tumor growing retroperitoneal tissue, growing together with the spine, fixed or movable very little. This sign indicates inoperability her. However, you must keep in mind that the impression of Needlenose tumors arising palpation her through the abdominal wall, may be erroneous. In such cases, upon opening the abdomen is that the sluggishness of the tumor is not due to a growth in her retroperitoneal education, and extensive inflammatory growths that emerged in the tissues surrounding the tumor.
On the other hand, tumors that palpation through the abdominal wall is quite moving, opening the abdomen can be totally neudalimye due to extensive growth into deep retroperitoneal tissue. So finally clarify the ability to remove a tumor may be made only during the operation. It is clear that this is not the case for patients that already have distant metastases, liver, or other signs of inoperability identified before the opening of the abdomen.
When the process involves the peritoneum, a reflex to the tension of the abdominal muscles, preventing the probing of the tumor. It happens or when switching the inflammatory process surrounding the tumor tissue on the peritoneum, or when in connection with growth of the serous membrane of the stomach and out of the tumor on its surface is dissemination of tumor cells by the peritoneum. This usually first involved areas of the peritoneum in the immediate vicinity of the stomach, then fine cancerous nodules, as millet, cover all the peritoneum, the parietal and visceral, and in the abdominal cavity appears liquid. Then develops a picture of the abdominal carcinomatosis bodies. Metastases abdominal organs form conglomerates numerous dense knots. Accumulation in the abdominal cavity fluid can stretch the abdominal wall. The skin becomes pale and swollen and shiny. To probe metastatic nodes in the abdomen is possible only after deletion by puncture of the accumulated of fluid in it.
Sometimes, even before the development total load on the abdominal organs, coming off from the surface of the tumor cells are logged in the lower abdomen, in dopasowa space where develop metastatic tumor that easily palpated in the study through the rectum as a conglomerate of dense and smooth nodes, partially welded together, which lies partly separately, sometimes forming a cross lying dense infiltrate. In this case, as a rule, the intestinal wall remains free.
To the same effect implant metastases can develop in the ovary. This so-called tumor of Kruckenberg, which may be the first sign of cancer of the stomach, it turns out that quite often after histological examination of the removed tumor of the ovary. Possible and lymphogenous the development of metastases. During the blockade of the main ways of lymph drainage metastases can develop not only as the next, but in the most remote areas - and in the navel, and groin, in the armpit, and cervical lymph nodes. We have said that the presence of metastases may be the first manifestation of stomach cancer. But more often we have to find them when the picture of the disease already expressed quite clearly.