Symptoms and course of gastric cancer

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Quite often typical for stomach cancer symptoms such little expressed that in low cancer awareness no one even thought does not appear on the possibility of the disease and its presence is detected only at the section as an entirely unexpected find.
However stomach cancer may not produce any symptoms only at the beginning of its development. When more or less considerable growth of tumors, even when there are no local manifestations, there have been some General phenomena, which are called "syndrome of small signs Savitsky". A. I. Savitsky includes in this syndrome following characteristics: 1. Changing the patient's well expressed in occurrence in the past weeks or months unmotivated General weakness, reduced work capacity, fatigue. 2. Mental depression is loss of joy of life, interest in the environment, labour, apathy and alienation. 3. Unmotivated steady reduction of appetite, sometimes complete loss of it, until aversion to food. 4. Phenomena "gastric discomfort" - loss of physiological feelings of contentment, from eating, especially at the same time flowing local unpleasant gastrointestinal symptoms - feeling of fullness stomach, swelling gases, feeling of heaviness, sometimes pain in podlojecna area. 5. Causeless progressive weight loss, accompanied by pale skin and other phenomena anemizatsii [Savitsky A. I., 1966].
The symptoms described, however, not earlier. These symptoms are the result of a serious and far-reaching destruction. Signs of common disorders of the life of the organism because of the constant blood loss during the collapse of the tumor due to intoxication with consumption of the products of its disintegration, due to septic effects in the development of infection in tumors and its surrounding tissues, finally, due to digestive disorders, caused by violation of secretory and endocrine activity stomach, and, consequently, the pancreas, and so on
They are not specific for cancer of the stomach and can be due to many different reasons, and many other diseases, and overwork, malnutrition, and hard feelings etc. But their presence should always be thoroughly examined, especially when there is their combination that creates the picture of the expressed General disorders.
Because these disorders caused already far advanced lesions, their symptoms rather should be called not "small"and "late". These signs are less pronounced when endophytic cancer, when the growth of the tumor before leads to characteristic gastric disease symptoms, which allow to diagnose before developing severe disorders of the General condition. This applies particularly to endophytic tumors located in the narrow places of a stomach at the entrance and at the exit. Exophytic tumors often start to collapse even before will become apparent caused by stomach disorders. The resulting sores serve as an entrance gate for the infection that develops not only on its surface, but also in the depth of the tumor and surrounding tissue, and into the lymph system and spreads through the blood stream, resulting in severe septic phenomena. Patients are often significant temperature reaction, perspiration, chills, appear appropriate purulent infection of peripheral blood changes. You have to think that a significant role in the development of the pain plays and absorption of the decay products of the tumor tissue.