Simulation is a sham, a false picture of an event or state of health by reproduction of individual symptoms.
There are two types of simulations: deliberate, when a healthy person was pretending to be ill, pathological, i.e., unconscious, which is often a manifestation of mental illness.
To deliberate simulation disease resort, wanting to illegally obtain, for example, the insurance premium or a pension to evade conscription or military service, and trying to avoid punishment for a crime or to avoid any duties. To this end simulate fever, bleeding, individual symptoms of cardiovascular (heart rate, increased blood pressure and other) and gastrointestinal illness (vomiting, diarrhea, jaundice, and others), tuberculosis, deafness, deafness, blindness, etc., by use of drugs, submitting false materials for analyses of self-harm (see) and other Modern methods of forensic medicine allows to detect practically any shape of the simulation.
For the decision of a question on the availability of simulation conduct a forensic medical examination. Depending on the complexity of the case it can be carried out not only in the clinic, but in the hospital. First of all it is necessary to conduct neurological and psychiatric examination, and also to bear in mind the possibility of aggravatio (see).
In the period of the survey belong to the suspect as to the patient.