Anaphylaxis in various animal species

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  • The term "anaphylaxis" (in translation - a state of defenselessness) was introduced in 1902 Richet and Portier, who noted that with repeated injections of experimental animals of some hazardous substances sensitivity to them does not decrease, but increase.
    The Bulletin of the Biological society in 1902 Portier and Richet described the state of anaphylaxis:
    "A substance that is administered experimental animal in non-lethal dose, with repeated injections can cause the death of an animal or very severe disorders of functions of various organs". The history of discovery of anaphylaxis resembles a fairy tale. This is how it himself Richet: "During the trip on the yacht Prince of Monaco's Prince himself and G. Richard suggested I P. Portier to study the toxic properties of Fizuli that are prevalent in the Australian seas. We noted that water and glycerin extracts Fizuli have a very high toxicity (for ducks and rabbits). Returning home, we were unable to continue their work with Vitalyi, as they are in France, and continued his experiments with the undigested (very close to pisalem). Thanks to the help y Del age we were able to get glycerin extracts tentacle anemone sufficient for experiments quantities (several litres of highly toxic extract). We were determined to be toxic to dogs dose of the extract anemone and noted that most dogs are killed not previously 4-5-th day after the introduction of the extract. Those dogs that received sublethal doses of the extract was not lost, we left for further experiments. It turned out that these survivors after the first injection of toxic extract dogs have extremely high sensitivity even to a minimal doses of the same extract from injections which they died in a few minutes.
    The experiment was conducted on a very strong and hardy dog Neptun: after injection of 0.1 ml of the extract tentacles of sea anemones no painful manifestations of the dog was not. After 22 days after the first injection of this dog was done injection extract in the same dose. A few seconds after the injection of the dog were marked shortness of breath, paralysis of the extremities, diarrhea, bloody vomiting. Reflexes in dogs was absent, and in a few minutes death of an animal".
    These are the circumstances opening of this very important scientific phenomena anaphylaxis. After this discovery the attention of many biologists and clinicians was drawn to the manifestations of hypersensitivity. Richet and Portier studied immunity and discovered the phenomenon of hypersensitivity. Therefore, immunity and Allergy are two different manifestations of the same fundamental biological process. In anaphylactic shock in experimental animals are observed very severe disorders; such disorders are observed in humans after administration of therapeutic sera, some medications, and insect stings.

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