Sinovioma (synonym of sinovialnaya) - the tumor growing from the synovial membrane of joint, tendon sheaths and mucous bags. Distinguish between benign and malignant synovyami.
Benign synovyami - giant-cell tumor of the tendon sheath, joints. There are usually at the age from 30 to 50 years, slightly more often in women, regular localization on the fingers, sometimes on foot, in the area of the wrist and knee joints. The tumor grows slowly, painless, dense.
Malignant sinovioma (malignant sinovialnaya, synovial sarcoma) occurs in persons of young age, most men. The tumor has the form of a restricted site, rarely without clear boundaries. We can distinguish three forms of malignant synovyami: adenomatous, gestione (in the form of a continuous fields or alveoli from spherical cells), dimorphic (mixed). Favorite localization is the area of the knee, foot, thigh, ankle. The tumor gradually increases in size and can give metastases. After the operation prone to relapses.
The forecast is made with caution. The tumor may or slow to develop, or to progress rapidly.
The treatment is surgical.