Sinus lifting implantatsii

To install a tooth implant requires a sufficient volume of bone. But most people bone are not enough to qualitatively the implant is placed in the sides of the upper jaw. Then dentists resort to modern operations to increase bone called the sinus lifting. This is one of the procedures in the bone plate, which is designed to increase the amount of bone tissue of the jaw in place of a missing tooth. Thanks sinus-lifting procedure of implantation of teeth runs better, and the implants will stand longer. Every man who is about to deliver dental implant should know about this procedure, all the details. So let's see why you want bone augmentation and whether you can do without sinus?

To implant firmly stood chewing Department jaw and perform its function, the length should be between 10 mm and a diameter of at least 4,3 mm For the bone in which to viewlets implant should be the correct size. This is required when conducting implantatsii teeth. But the peripheral parts of the upper and lower jaws are often subtle, so quality implantation is not possible. Therefore, dentists necessary to perform an operation sinus lifting. This provides and stability of the implant in the future.

It consists second name sinus lift. During the osteoplasty before implantation experienced dentist raises the bottom of the maxillary sinus and fills this space a special bone material. After the surgery, to increase the bone tissue of the jaw should pass from 4 to 6 months before installation of implants. During this time, wounds heal on the fabric, material engrafting and reduces the risk of all kinds of complications. Carrying out of implantation of teeth immediately after sinus lift, perhaps, but this requires several conditions. For example, the bone must be sustainable and bone thickness up to osteoplasty must be at least 4 mm. In order to recognize the need for sinus lift, you should consult the dentist medical centre of Doctor Dostalam" on the website

In modern medicine, there are 2 types of sinus lift:

  • Outdoor sinus-lifting is carried out through the side wall of the maxillary sinuses. For a start, cut the gum in the desired location, then make a hole to the sinuses, impose material and close the hole back. Outdoor sinus-lifting can be done in any of the original thickness of the gums.
  • Closed sinus-lifting can be done, if the bone tissue of a thickness exceeding 4 mm, Experts consider this type of osteoplasty most gentle, as the material is inserted through the same hole, which will install the implant. It is less traumatic bone.
  • Sinus lifting is an opportunity for many people to move from removable dentures for permanent prosthetics and use them constantly. To ensure the longevity of dental implants is necessary to conduct an operation to increase the volume of bone tissue.