The spacesuit - special individual device that allows people hermetically separated from the environment (rarefied atmosphere, water).
The suit has the form of a suit, but, unlike the latter, is equipped with a special helmet (screw-on shirt, suit or acceding to it using a special lock) with portholes (for a review), boots and gloves. All of this is a single system. Shell suit tight - air - and water-resistant. The principles of the devices spacesuits are divided into the ventilation and regeneration. Last nowadays practically applied. Special devices on Board of aircraft under the shell suit ventilation type (high) supported the necessary barometric air pressure and oxygen is added. The air inside the space suit is ventilated.
In diving suits from aboard a special ship of special devices, the supplied air and creates increased pressure at the rate of 1 atmosphere at 10 m depth in the water. In addition, to the soles of boots diving suit fasten lead strip, in order to increase the weight of the diver and not to cause the involuntary ascent to the surface.
When a person outside of the aircraft or spacecraft in highly rarefied atmosphere the oxygen comes from a special backpack device.