The burial sites

The burial sites is designated for the disposal of dead animals, confiscated slaughterhouses and abattoirs (rejected carcasses and parts thereof), waste and discards, obtained in the processing of raw animal products. The animals that have died from infectious diseases, are taken to special utilizati, where they are subjected to processing in boilers at high temperature and pressure. Land for cattle burial grounds should have a low level of ground water (not less than 2,5 m from the surface of the soil), be placed not closer than 0.5 km from the village, away from the pastures, ponds, wells, roads and passes. The burial sites should be fenced and be enclosed shaft with a ditch by depth of 1.4 m and a width of 1 m, the Entrance is equipped with gates.
The corpses of animals and confiscate buried to a depth of 2 m from the bulk of the land is 0.5 M. the Land on which lay the dead body, thrown into a pit with a corpse.
Beyond the burial sites systematic sanitary and veterinary-sanitary supervision.